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GO Battle Day: Mankey

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Magikarp Spotlight Hour

Spinarak Spotlight Hour

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Starts:Tuesday, June 21, at 6:00 PM Local TimeEnds:Tuesday, June 21, at 7:00 PM Local Time

GO Battle Day: Mankey

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There are very few forums that help gamers to understand how to play and become an established gamer. Pokémon is one of the most famous games and series of all time. I am sure that almost everyone has heard about it. However, today I have an exciting piece of news for Pokémon fans.

Galar Pokedex (Overview)

The Galar Pokedex is the Pokedex for the Galar region and showcases the Pokemons that thrive. There’s still uncertainty about how big this virtual device is, but so far, it contains the data of over 400 Pokemons from the Galar area. Galar Pokedex is only available for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon and areas in Galar Pokedex

The Galar Pokedex includes uniquely the regions that belong to the Galar region, plus some new cities that could be included. As for the Pokemons, there are new ones and others that are familiar.

More and more Pokemons and moves are being added to the Galar Pokedex. Most recently, 35 new species of Pokemons became part of this Pokedex, which includes the best of both worlds, the new and legendary Pokemons.

Nevertheless, the Galar Pokedex mainly features Pokemons exclusive to the Galar region, just like other Pokedex that contain information of creatures in their respective areas.

In essence, the Pokedex has Pokemons of the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra. It also includes some Mega evolutions, but some items are missing. Additionally, it gives the option to use Mega Stones.

The Pokedex has been adapted to the new locations that have been added, the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra, where the Pokemon Expansions and the New Pokemon occur. A total of 200 new entries are available in the Galar Pokedex.

Things got even better when Sword & Shield finally brought Generation 8, and with that, the Gen 8 Pokemon database featured a full list of the new 81 Pokemons created. Most of the 81 Pokemons in Galar Pokedex have been cut.

What you use the Galar Pokedex for

The device allows checking the status of Pokemons as you did in past games through other Pokedex. The Galar Pokedex has helpful information about their strengths and weaknesses as well as their evolutions.

In Pokemon S&S, you have to collect Easter eggs to help your Pokemon evolve. The Pokedex contains the data of new but vital creatures like Stretch and its evolved form Fros moth. It also has dataaboutAlcremie and many more.
Anyway, this kind of information is often leaked by die-hard Pokemon players on their official sites.

How to use the Galar Pokédex

Using the Pokedex is easy. You only have to go to ‘List,’ and it shows a list of Pokemons. After that, select the Pokemon to view the details, such as the name and type of Pokemon.

You have to select the Pokedex type previous to viewing the Pokemon information. The data is divided into the Galar Pokedex and National Pokedex. The National Pokedex includes information about National Pokemons, while the Galar Pokedex provides details on Pokemons in Galar.

If you want to search by generation, type the age into the bar, and a list appears. Then, submit the Pokemon’s name in the Generation list.

If you want to see info about Sword and Shield Pokemons, tap out ‘exclusivity:sword’, and then ‘return.’ You’ll have the information at hand.


Some players think the Galar Pokedex is somewhat unbalanced as they state that Pokemon developers are pretty much limiting the amount and types of Pokemons to use in each competition. They believe that if things continue like that, there won’t be new options.

Players want to use other types of Pokemons regardless if they are from the Galar region or belong to previous versions of the Pokemon game. They consider that if developers don’t make any changes, the Pokedex will become obsolete due to these limitations.

The reconfiguration of the Galar Pokedex is then essential for players to fight other Pokemons in gyms and wild areas more freely. Casual battling between different versions could be affected if there are no more additions. 

The use of tiers to include a full list of Pokemons could be significant. Those tiers will aim to organize Pokemons statistically and come with the option to battle online. The problem may be in adjusting the old Pokemons in the new Pokedex.

The adjustment requires checking the previous generations step by step to ascertain what moves to use, remove, or change. These Pokemons will also have to be adapted to the different levels and new elements to replace those that are no longer in use. 

The issue is that there are too many critters to review. Such efforts are noticeable in how developers managed to incorporate Meow in the new generations. It looked unstable until Gen 5 when it started to stabilize thanks to minor tweaks. 

The work could get more robust if we take into consideration the hundreds of critters that are around. Developers will have to work on every single Pokemon individually, adding changes as per region or evolution. 

On the other side, not including the Ultra Beasts in the Pokedex would not honor the Pokemon’s tagline ‘Catch ’em all.’ It’s like developers cut a lot of elements from Mario Bros games or something like that. 

Galar mythical in the Pokedex

What the Galar Pokedex does not include is the new Galar mythical. Remember that mythical is the main element for Pokemon movies. This element is missing in this Pokedex.

Every time a new generation is created, a new mythical Pokemon is created. Yet, it is believed that developers want the anime to be spoiler-free, so they don’t reveal any information on future films by adding this.

However, the inclusion of a new Galar mythical should not be discarded anyway. There are still 35 entries that are listed as ‘foreign.’ The Pokedex is set up and subject to changes that may occur eventually.
Pokemon developers may have had enough with the new additions, but the introduction of the ‘foreign flagged Pokemons’ of the generation 8 would be great. Let’s wait.

What Galar Pokedex contains

The Galar Pokedex seems not to be related to the Sun/Moon moon. The tool has no information about Pokemons like Rockruff, but new cuts are expected in the future. So far, it only displays info of 435 Pokemon, with no variants included.

On a positive note, the Galar Pokedex hosts the following
– Returning Pokemon.
– New Pokemons.
– New Galar regional variants.
– Galar legendaries.
– Returning legendaries.
– Returning mythical.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Have you ever heard about Pokemon Sword and Shield

When it first launched, many people were just rendered in a state of pure and child-like joy again. It practically served as the most excellent venue for Pokemon’s fans to get informed about what was coming in the series. Yes, Pokemon Sword and Shield has always been filled with spoilers since its release.


After 23 years of the series, this version of this Pokemon game has come to make the company regain popularity. Other games hadn’t covered aspects that are essential in the Pokemon world, causing disappointment. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield is still not the perfect game but makes for many things.
What people like about this game is the number of new entries related to the original series and the spin-offs. Indeed, the set also includes features of Pokemon Snap.

It is often compared with versions like Pokemon Stadium, which outclasses Pokemon Sword and Shield in many aspects, but it’s still too limited. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you feel more encouraged to keep catching Pokemons for your collection.

Comparison with Pokemon Red/Blue and Yellow

This is the main reason why this game causes addition and is challenging. It forces you to get more Pokemons in the forest. 

This story plot is not deep, indeed, and it’s straightforward to pick and play. Now, if you want to be more successful, you’ll have to give a try to Pokemon Blue and Yellow as they give you an idea of what Pokemon SnS is.
Despite the pokemon Sword and Shield’s craze, reviewers comment that this game cannot be better than Pokemon Red and Blue, and Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow is the best until now. If you want to master Pokemon Sword, you’ll need to practice with these previous versions first.

Issues with camera angles

The problem is the camera, which reviewers call ‘erratic.’ This error makes it hard to control character. Of course, the review of the camera comes from people aged 20 years old or more. A child would never notice these changes; instead, he would feel happy to talk to Pikachu.

The camera system causes problems to move the character regardless of the environment, including the limited ones. But, it all boils down to accustom yourself to the camera and full control. If you’re experienced playing Turok, you’ll probably find it easier to maneuver in the game. A thing that most people love about this game is the fact that they can talk to Pokemons like in the series.


Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that even children’s patience will start to choke out due to the stiff control. The game suits children younger than 12 years old because they won’t take account of this detail but focus on other aspects of the game. In brief, a kid would find this game more exciting than an adult or a teenager.

This is why there were too many doubts surrounding Sword and Shield success. Allowing for the few additions, the new features would feel more appealing to the American audience. Plus, the idea of taking photos of Pokemons is excellent. Pokemon Snap had included the photo capturing element, but it was pretty wacky.

How to play

If you thought this game was different, you were wrong as you equally have to collect Pokemon to train them. You capture more and more of them you may find on your way. You also have to defeat other Pokemon trainers to become a master. In Sword and Shield, more specifically, it may take 40 hours to get this mastership.

The game brings you much of the same stuff of other Pokemon games. There are Pokemon that are familiar to you and others that are strange and have new moves. It is necessary to add that stats of Pokemons in S&S are not shown, but their power and skills are developed as the game advances. In other words, it is hard to ascertain how skilled and reliable a Pokemon is since the move and attack levels are not depicted.

The only way to prove their strength is to fight other Pokemon and defeat them. In addition to that, Sword and Shield involve breeding. They learn to cook or see you prepare for them to make them secure. Mastering the attacks and moves of every Pokemon in this game are developed through training.

If you want to learn how to beat other Pokemons in the game, you will need to read other player’s experiences. There are books on tips and lots of Poketubers dedicated to giving information about Sword and Shield tricks. On a side note, you don’t need to watch all the S&S tutorials at the beginning of missions. You can skip them.

Things that don’t appear in other game Pokemon game versions

This is an option that distinguishes Pokemon Sword and Shield from other Pokemon games. The start of the game can be skipped, something you can’t do in different versions. On top of that, the game gives you the ease of movement. The Corviknight is fast and definitely better than the Moon’s Pokemon because it makes everything seamless.

The means of transportation in Pokemon Sword and Shield can be unblocked just after the first battle. If you want to check your Pokemon features, there are lots of Pokemon centers around. Pokemon Sword and Shield’s setting is a forest surrounded by large cities that are easy to reach.

Battles in Sword and Shield

Not all battles are held in gyms. Many Pokemon can turn up, but you decide whether to fight them or not. The game has the same Pikachu and Eevee option to fight and capture other Pokemons. If you don’t touch them, you don’t fight them. Most of the random fights of the old school are gone.

This doesn’t mean there are no surprise battles. Some Pokemons may show an exclamation point above them, yet you’re free to fight or pass them. 

In Galar, the number of Pokemon species is not specific, but there are no congested areas with a particular type of Pokemon. You will find different species of Pokemon in caves and patches of grass. S&S is a Pokemon game that brings up the best features of previous games plus new additions.

There is a website known as Serebii that will help these fans with every tiny piece of information they want to have regarding the Pokémon.

Serebii is a website that is entirely dedicated to the world of Pokémon. It provides a forum for gamers and Pokémon addicts.

Since the website consists of all kinds of information that currently exists about Pokémons in the world, gamers can learn more about the famous Japanese anime. I know that it is a big claim to make, but you must see it for yourself.

This website includes the latest updates related to the anime series. The updates on the site are the latest and up to date. The latest news includes Pokémon games, movies, and much more! It contains in-depth information on all characters in the series.

All the information is grouped and sorted generation by generation. The website also provides different guidelines for the players. These guidelines help players on how to play effectively and achieve various goals in the games. The site also contains almost every data that the user requires and needs.

The website is a bit complicated if someone uses it for the first time, although it is just a matter of time. The site becomes easier to use once the user has gone over the website again and again.

However, the website is not user friendly at all. Everything is jammed up at the home page. There are just too many options to choose from. Also, the styling of the website is not attractive to look at.

Regardless of all the issues with the website, it functions exceptionally well and provides all the necessary details.

The homepage on the website contains a lot of information like recent news about developments and updates in games. It also contains release dates of Pokémon movies, posts, and more.

The posts are about character updates and character biographies. Serebii has also categorized its information into groups for the player’s ease.

The homepage on the website contains a lot of information like recent news about developments and updates in games. It also contains release dates of Pokémon movies, posts, and more. 

The posts are about character updates and character biographies. Serebii has also categorized its information into groups for the player’s ease. 

These groups include databases, anime, video games, manga, movies, Pikachu shorts, and trading cards. Each category is further divided into subcategories. The subcategories contain more details for the players. This system helps users with up to date information.

The Pokedex hub is one of the categories on the website. It deals with connecting databases and linking them together.

The link for the Pokedex hub lies right in the center of the page. The user can access more details by clicking on the link. The user can also search for the type of Pokémon or Pokémon generation to find its desired Pokémon.

It also specifies Pokémon’s two features. The first is legendary and mythical Pokémon, and the second is Pokémon’s alternate form.

The Serebii Galar Region Pokedex is another category on the website.

It includes a set of Pokémons that are available within a specific region. It also holds about four hundred-character profiles of all the Pokémons in the Galar Region.

The Pokémon in this region can be changed to Pokémon sword and shield. The Pokémon’s picture, name, abilities, type, and basic stats about its specialty are also mentioned.

Another category on the website includes Sword and Shield Pokedex. Its link is situated right in the center of the page, right next to the link for the Pokedex hub.

This page provides a look into the eighth generation of Pokémon, which is currently available.

Furthermore, it explains and gives a few tips to users about how to quickly play the game and gain more pre-existing knowledge about the game. It also advises the player to navigate between the type of Pokémon, its egg group, its value of effort, and its statistics.


Stretched is one of the most known characters of the series. It is a wild duck holding a sword and a shield. It is an interesting character, isn’t it! The webpage explains all the traits and abilities of this character.

Its abilities are classified by its height, weight, capture rate, base egg steps, and much more. Its abilities are divided into general, location, attacks, stats, and its egg moves.

It also shows a table related to the attacks on it. For every character like Sirfetch’d, there is a character profile that shows every aspect of the character. This makes it easier for the player as it makes everything easy to view and understand.


The old data is stored in the Serebii Forum.
This page is also categorized by Serebii, general, Pokémon games, competitive Pokémon, anime & manga, trading card games, Pokémon role-playing adventures, fan work, and active users’ stats. Each of these headings has a set of subheadings.
These subheadings are hyperlinks that further lead to more information.

Pokémon 2019 serebii

In conclusion, the website contains all the information that a gamer or someone with the hobby of collecting cards needs.

The information on the website aids the gamers and viewers greatly complete higher and more challenging levels of games, as the site has an extremely detailed report.

If any hard-core Pokémon fan wants to visit the website and look at what they have to offer, I would recommend going on

Due to the internet’s facility, every fan or gamer can explore new characters and discover themselves in the gaming world.

Therefore, for those who have read this much, I would like to ask a question from you all! Are you going to be the next gamer exploring everything that Pokémon has to offer?