Xwfe vs xwf ge water filter

Many homeowners buy GE filters because of their nice design and capacity to filter and dispense water. However, these devices are not perfect. The water filter can cost around $50, which adds additional costs. Xwfe and xwf ge are easy to use but they are not so user-friendly. Despite this, they stand out from other brands. 

The Xwf is the newest version of Xwfe. This filter is compatible with other filters that belong to the same brand. This means you will not have to spend $50 every 6 months on water filter parts. Other than that, the appliance has a large capacity to dispense water. 

Apart from this, there’s another thing that sets xwfe from xwf ge: it I the chip of the back. The chip is the smart part of the device because it notifies about leaks use radio frequency to talk to the fridge. This chip is the distinguishable piece that separates an authentic xwfe ge from unauthentic models.

In this blog, we’ll review the xwfe ge. 

Xwfe vs xwf ge water filter (which is the best ? )

Xwf ge

This water filter is compatible with GE refrigerators. It cleans and keeps water cold. It has a system that filters hazardous chlorine-resistant cysts and lead, so your family does not get sick because of these chemicals. Xwf GE does not eliminate chlorine cysts but reduces them.

Besides chlorine levels in the water, the filter also eradicates any traces of meds that can be found in the water. The company claims that the filter can tackle 99% of pharmaceutical products, such as ib,uprofen and products that are designed to treat seizures and bipolar disorder. The system also reduces the risks of getting cancer due to a high level of PFOA and PFOS. 

Unlike other filters, the XWF Ge is designed to last up to 6 months before requiring a replacement. On top of that, the filtration is not affected as the expiration time comes. The filter will keep on cleaning and disinfecting water as if it were a brand-new filter, regardless of its use. 

Xwf ge can cleanse up to 170 gallons in a period of 6 months. Also, it fits in any room, even in small ones thanks to its compact design. It doesn’t get overheated when it works overtime. 

What we like

  • Lasts 6 months of hard use
  • Clears the water of pharmaceutical products
  • Can collect around 170 gallons in 6 months
  • Compact
  • Removes debris from the water

What we dislike

  • The flavor of the water changes
  • Somewhat expensive


Xwf ge is easy to use and install. Purchasers complain about the price. 

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Xwfe vs xwf ge water filter