The best tires for boat ramps

Best tires for boat ramps. Perhaps you have been searching for info related to tires for boat ramps, and you have found nothing. It is a fact that the information about this topic is scarce. Anyway, we’ve come to the rescue showing delving into two models of tires for boat ramps that could be helpful for you.

Bear in mind that these tires are not like generic car tires. These tires are obviously more resistant and could withstand humidity. Unlike car tires, these are very similar to trailer tiles but include extra features that make them even stronger. 

However, most of them do not include a rim in the kit, so it is something you have to buy separately. 

Without further ado, the Omni and Carlisle tires for boat ramps. 

Reviews of the Best tires for boat ramps

1. Omni Trail Radial Trailer Tire – ST205/75R15 8ply

ST205/75R15 8ply is a 205-mm tire that weighs 2150 pounds designed for trailers. It offers a 9.57 32nds tread depth and ratio of 75.0. Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t include the rim but only the tire itself. If you are planning to use this tire for other types of vehicles, you shouldn’t do it. The ST205 is intended for trailers, not for cars. It is not even appropriate for trucks either.

The load range of this tire is 8ply. The maximum load this tire can support is 2 tones or a little more, plus it is not noisy. It is made with a material that reduces the noise when treading. The ST205 doesn’t bounce, but keeps the trailer comfortable, instead. It has a diameter of 27.3mm.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • Keeps the tire comfortable
  • Can bear huge loads (but be careful)
  • Good value for money
  • Not noisy

What we dislike

  • Doesn’t come with a rim


The ST205/75R15 8ply is a tire that only fits in trailers. What makes it valuable is its capacity to replace trailer tires and longevity. The set does not include a rim.

2. Carlisle ST205/75R15 107M 

The Carlisle 75R15 is a tire that has features of the above model, but it is from the Carlisle brand. It is 20.5cm wide and has a load capacity of 2150 pounds. It won’t go flat carrying a 2-ton load. The tire aspect ratio of this model is 75.0 and the tread depth is exactly the same, 9 32nds.

What distinguishes ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply is that it is hard to wear. This is because it has some additions that make it more durable. As for its heat-resistance, it is more resistant than its Carlisle predecessor. Due to this, this tire version can last longer. The other thing that sets it apart from other tires is that the ST205/7515 is made for normal cars, not for trailers, thus it is more practical, and more sought-out for.

What we like

  • For cars
  • Durable
  • Quiet
  • Usable in hot temperatures
  • Enough tread depth

What we dislike

  • Chinese tires


Although Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply is made in China, you can’t doubt about its robustness. Many customers speak well about its solidity and durability. So, not much to say.

3. Omni Trail Radial Trailer Tire – ST205/75R15 8ply

Omni tire is not a tire designed for all boat ramps. It is only limited to trailers, meaning it is not appropriate for cars or trucks. Its ratio is 75.0 and offers 9.57 32 nds. The ST205/75R15 8ply’s kit does not come with the rim or other accessories for the installation. It is a tire for boat ramps, but remember the kit includes the tire only, no more. 

4. Carlisle ST205/75R15 107M 

Carlisle ST205/75R15 107M features almost all the characteristics of the above model. The kit comes with the tire itself and excludes the rim. As for its capacity, this tire can support trailers that weigh up to 2 tons. There are no differences between the aspect ratio and tread depth of the Carlisle ST205/75R15 107M and ST205/75R15 8ply. 

However, this model seems more durable because of the materials it is constructed with. It can resist heat and fluctuations in temperature. While its Carlisle predecessor is faster to wear, this tire for boat ramps offers longer life of use.