The best jack for changing trailer tires

Best Jack for changing trailer tires. When it comes to having a vehicle, it is important that you can make different repairs, and having the best car jack is essential, so you can change tires more easily.

It allows you to lift a large amount of weight, carry out inspections in the lower part of your vehicle and have a compact tool that does not take up much space but offers great benefits.

You may not have an idea of how to choose your cat, but with this guide that we have prepared, you can take a look at the best models on the market, having the opportunity to choose the one with the best quality/price ratio.

Below we will mention these jacks so that you can make a comparison of the best car jack top that is on the market and acquire the one that best suits your needs.

Reviews of the The best jack for changing trailer tires

1. Pro-Lift F-767

Pro-Lift F-767 is small (14 inches) but can lift a 2-ton car. It is a low-profile jack that can lift any corner of your vehicle. It includes a valve that protects the user and the vehicle. The valve also helps cushion the overload well.

Apart from its great capacity and specialized system to lift vehicles, the Pro-Lift is manufactured with stainless and reinforced steel that keeps it from breaking or loosing stability.

In spite of its size, this jack is somewhat heavy with a weight of 14 kg. Besides that, it is made in China, which is something many people don’t like at all. Pro-Lift-767 can lift any 2-ton vehicle 3 to 14 inches. In addition to the aforementioned protection system, it is also protected against over-pumping.

Blindingly, this jack model is stronger and more flexible than any aluminum jack. If your car weighs more than 2 tons, you can opt to lift one corner with it. Due to its minimum lift height (9cm), the Pro-Lift- F-767 is perfect for any car.

What we like

  • Protection against overpumping
  • Compatible with almost any car
  • You can use it for changing tires and oil
  • Easy to handle and move

What we dislike

  • Not good for trucks
  • Very small saddle


While Pro-Lift F-767 may not be fit for vehicles that require higher ground clearance, it definitely does a great job with USVs and small cars. The safety valves are its best features.

2. Lippert 285318 3500LB

The Lippert 285318 is an alloy steel jack designed to lift up to 3500 pounds. It is intended for trailers, which means it is more powerful than the models for cars. The installation is easy; in fact, the kit has equipment to make it easier. It is easy to install and use.

The difference between the Lippert 285318 and others is that it is not manual. The jack raises and lowers vehicles with a button it has. You will not need to exert physical effort to crank your jack. It will save your time doing that.

Unlike other versions, this jack comes with Led lights that help operate it in the dark. It also offers a 3.500 lb lift capacity, which suffices to raise the corner of any trailer.

The machine uses 30 Amps and a 12V motor to do a good job even at night.

What we like

  • Features led lights to work at night
  • For heavy duty lift
  • Practical
  • Not automatic but definitely more advanced than other jacks with its start button add-on
  • Not manual
  • Includes replacement parts
  • Less prone to water leakage

What we dislike

  • The mounting bolts make it tough to rotate the unit at one’s convenience


Lippert 285318 3500LB is a fully equipped jack that has all the bells and whistles and a big head that is not so practical.

3. REESE Towpower 74410

REESE Towpower 74410 is a low-capacity unit designed to lift up to 1000 pounds. It provides a ground clearance of up to 23 inches. It is compounded by a heavy-duty swivel and a 6-inch tire. This model is also constructed with allow steel.

If you were looking for a jack to work faster without wasting time, the side winding handle on the REESE Towpower 74410 can help with that.

The 6-inch wheel is useful to move the trailer from one place to another. On top of that, this jack is compatible with 3-inch and 5-inch tongues. The wire-grip handles help jack the trailer in seconds.

The pull-pin release allows you to access and store the jack when needed.

What we like

  • User-friendly
  • For U-haul trailers
  • Fast installation
  • Sturdy
  • You can move a tow dolly around with it

What we dislike

  • The bolts are too long


Towpower 74410 is a jack to raise small and big trailers. The long bolts are the parts of the unit that are difficult to work with, since they are difficult to tighten. Good price after all.

4. Unitec Hydraulic Car Jack

This hydraulic jack is made of a resistant material and weighs no more than 9 kilos. The long lever allows lifting vehicles and provides greater comfort when changing tires. The device combines steel and hydraulic sciences to make the work easier. The capacity of this jack is 2 tons, which means it is more suitable for small cars. 

5. Michelin hydraulic car jack

Unlike the previous model, Michelin offers a greater capacity to lift vehicles. In opposite to Uniter, it can lift cars that weigh up to 3 tons, which means it can lift medium-sized cars but not trucks. What differentiates this jack from others is its height of 19 centimeters, which allows changing tires more comfortably.

It is bottle-shaped.

7. Deuba hydraulic car jack

Deuba jack is pretty distinguishable with its two fixed wheels and its wheels that can swivel 360 degrees. This evidently facilitates the tire-changing procedure. It can lift a car up to 330mm enabling chubby drivers to be under the car without an issue. Its two-ton capacity gives it a moderate capacity to lift cars. 

This jack is user-friendly and adjustable. It can rotate thanks to its wheels that swivel, raising and lowering the vehicle. It has precious height adjustments that let drivers raise or lower the car at any moment. 

Type of jack for changing travel trailer tire

Jacks are essential for drivers, regardless of the type of vehicle they have. There are jacks for small, medium-sized, and huge vehicles. Not all jacks have the same capacity and not all can lift a car as much. 

Whenever you choose a jack, focus on your type of car and why you want a jack. If you need a jack to change your car tires, maybe you need a simple jack that does not have so many features. However, things change when you don’t need it only for that, but for other purposes like repairing cars or traveling. 

Mostly, jacks can support weights that range from 2 tons to 7 tons. Besides, they can be heavy or lightweight. Either way, some are portable, while others are not.

Keep reading to learn more about the types of jack for charging travel trailer tires. 

Scissor jack

Although scissor jacks seem practical, lightweight, and portable, the problem may be in their low capacity to lift heavy-duty vehicles. You can’t use a scissor jack to raise a truck, for example. 

Because of their price and practicability, most drivers opt for this type of jack. Besides being user-friendly, their design is simple and does not require expertise. It is compounded by a small crank and a screw section that turns within the jack. Scissor jacks are perfect for changing car tires in the home. 

Floor jacks

Floor jacks are also a widely used type of jack for changing tires, which are less portable. They can lift heavy-duty cars thanks to their hydraulic pumps. Their resistance makes them ideal for repairing cars without any risk. 

Bottle jacks

These jacks are the most common types of all. They are also the most practical, and user-friendly, even more than floor jacks. They have a high capacity to raise cars and their size adds comfort and ease of use. Bottle jacks are simple and can be carried and stored anywhere. 

Now, why are bottle jacks preferred among others? They are common because they can lift up to 4000 pounds, which is more than many jack models with similar features and a high cost. They weigh 18 pounds (very lightweight) and are one foot high. These machines have either hydraulic or pneumatic systems. They are very similar to gas cylinders but are smaller and less heavy, evidently. Apart from that, their lifting height ranges from 9 to 18 inches. 

An extra: High-lift jacks

This is the most powerful jack of these four on this list. It can raise vehicles that weigh up to 7000 pounds, which makes it the most appropriate model for trucks and trailers. 

Because of their high performance, high-lift jacks can get you out of the problem when you are stuck. This jack is not difficult to use and is intended for heavy and bulky trucks but can be used as a winch if the need arises. 

Things to consider before buying a jack

Like everything in life, when shopping for a jack, you also need to consider certain factors. You need to take into account factors, such as the price and the type of car, which are two main factors when buying a jack. While some jacks are intended for small vehicles, others do not perform well for these vehicles because their structure and design only suit trucks. 

The price of jacks will vary depending on their features and functions. Other factors that affect the price are the model and brand. If you buy a scissor jack or bottle jack, you will spend nothing compared to the purchase of a high-lift jack. The stronger the jack is, the more expensive it will be. This is obvious. 

If you are a novice, picking up a jack can take time. In order not to waste too much time searching, go through customers’ reviews to get insights into the topic. In this way, you will get a better understanding of what you want.

These are 3 factors you need to think of when buying a jack (whatever the type of car you have). 


Prices may vary when it comes to jacks, regardless of the type, size, brand, or model. Bottle jacks and scissor jacks are the least expensive, but some floor jacks can be even less expensive than scissor models. Log in to Amazon and go through the options, paying special attention to the top-rated models on display. Generally, heavier and bigger jacks are more costly. 


No matter what you buy, check the reviews. Not all jacks can work for your vehicle. If your vehicle is not heavy, you shouldn’t purchase a high-performance jack. Just remember that these jacks are designed for trucks, boats, and trailers but, would be unnecessary for cars. Your best choice must be according to your car type. 


Car Model and Specifications

As mentioned above, you can’t pick up a jack that does not match your car model. With that being said, it is important to put emphasis on the height and weight of the vehicle. The jacking points are also factors to consider when buying the best jack. 

The jack must support the weight of the vehicle, so you will not run the risk of a terrible accident when repairing your car or changing the tires. 

To know how high a jack lifts a car and the weight it supports, read the reviews and the manual the device includes. It is advisable to talk to the shopkeeper about these points to play it safe. 

Type of Jack

Jacks are not only for raising cars but have other functions you could ignore. So, whenever you’re choosing a jack, look at the type as well. 

If you don’t know about jacks, consider that there are at least three types of jacks, which are hydraulic, scissor, and bottle. There are also jacks in another category: floor jacks. 

Some jacks like the scissor types are not used for complicated tasks. Hydraulic jacks are the opposite. 

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