Reviews of the The best jack for changing trailer tires

Pro-Lift F-767

Pro-Lift F-767 is small (14 inches) but can lift a 2-ton car. It is a low-profile jack that can lift any corner of your vehicle. It includes a valve that protects the user and the vehicle. The valve also helps cushion the overload well.

Apart from its great capacity and specialized system to lift vehicles, the Pro-Lift is manufactured with stainless and reinforced steel that keeps it from breaking or loosing stability.

In spite of its size, this jack is somewhat heavy with a weight of 14 kg. Besides that, it is made in China, which is something many people don’t like at all. Pro-Lift-767 can lift any 2-ton vehicle 3 to 14 inches. In addition to the aforementioned protection system, it is also protected against over-pumping.

Blindingly, this jack model is stronger and more flexible than any aluminum jack. If your car weighs more than 2 tons, you can opt to lift one corner with it. Due to its minimum lift height (9cm), the Pro-Lift- F-767 is perfect for any car.

What we like

  • Protection against overpumping
  • Compatible with almost any car
  • You can use it for changing tires and oil
  • Easy to handle and move

What we dislike

  • Not good for trucks
  • Very small saddle


While Pro-Lift F-767 may not be fit for vehicles that require higher ground clearance, it definitely does a great job with USVs and small cars. The safety valves are its best features.

Lippert 285318 3500LB

The Lippert 285318 is an alloy steel jack designed to lift up to 3500 pounds. It is intended forΒ trailers, which means it is more powerful than the models for cars. The installation is easy; in fact, the kit has equipment to make it easier. It is easy to install and use.

The difference between the Lippert 285318 and others is that it is not manual. The jack raises and lowers vehicles with a button it has. You will not need to exert physical effort to crank your jack. It will save your time doing that.

Unlike other versions, this jack comes with Led lights that help operate it in the dark. It also offers a 3.500 lb lift capacity, which suffices to raise the corner of any trailer.

The machine uses 30 Amps and a 12V motor to do a good job even at night.

What we like

  • Features led lights to work at night
  • For heavy duty lift
  • Practical
  • Not automatic but definitely more advanced than other jacks with its start button add-on
  • Not manual
  • Includes replacement parts
  • Less prone to water leakage

What we dislike

  • The mounting bolts make it tough to rotate the unit at one’s convenience


Lippert 285318 3500LB is a fully equipped jack that has all the bells and whistles and a big head that is not so practical.

REESE Towpower 74410

REESE Towpower 74410 is a low-capacity unit designed to lift up to 1000 pounds. It provides a ground clearance of up to 23 inches. It is compounded by a heavy-duty swivel and a 6-inch tire. This model is also constructed with allow steel.

If you were looking for a jack to work faster without wasting time, the side winding handle on the REESE Towpower 74410 can help with that.

The 6-inch wheel is useful to move the trailer from one place to another. On top of that, this jack is compatible with 3-inch and 5-inch tongues. The wire-grip handles help jack the trailer in seconds.

The pull-pin release allows you to access and store the jack when needed.

What we like

  • User-friendly
  • For U-haul trailers
  • Fast installation
  • Sturdy
  • You can move a tow dolly around with it

What we dislike

  • The bolts are too long


Towpower 74410 is a jack to raise small and big trailers. The long bolts are the parts of the unit that are difficult to work with, since they are difficult to tighten. Good price after all.

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