surfprep sander vs festool vs bosch

surfprep sander vs festool vs bosch. No proper sanding would ruin any home project even before you start. Sanding in the direction of the wood is one of the unwritten rules at the moment of giving the home project a final look. Sanding will prevent cross-grain marks from creating on the wood surface. Nonetheless, sanding could be difficult if there are hardwood floors, as wood-grain patterns change. 

Fortunately, there are tools to keep the wood in its original condition. These tools are the orbital sanders, which have a sanding pad that spins in an ellipse pattern. It actually oscillates and spins, reducing sanding marks dramatically. 

At the present time, it is hard to choose a model from among the variety of wood sandje brands. In this article, we’ll talk about three brands that are making a difference: Surfprep, festool, and Bosch. Read on to find out which is the most suitable for you. 

Review of surfprep sander vs festool vs bosch


According to many users, Surfpep is streets ahead of Festool, but Festool could be the second option in case that the Suftprep does not work well. Compared with the Festool, the Surfprep cleans the wood quicker and the pads rarely get build up on them. They also work for longer than the Festool sanders. They are very consistent and perform better on pigmented and clear waterbone lacquers. 

You can also use the Surfprep on doors and face frames. They will also do a great job in tight spots where other machines do not fit. It is small and easy to handle. Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t do well with psi over 90 lbs, since it starts vibrating. 

Surfprep is the best sander for coat sanding, since it doesn’t blemish raw wood. When using it, make sure you regulate air pressure properly. 


On the other hand, Festool seems more portable and less heavy. It offers various modes, which are direct-drive turbo, standard, and eccentric. Unlike Surfprep, Festool specializes in cordless sanders, which provides excellent mobility and easy movement while working. Besides, it is powerful and compact. Festool is the type of sander that makes wood sanding really easy and effortless. 

While Surfprep is more practical for certain surfaces, Festool is more practical and user-friendly. It has a great design and proper weight distribution. 

Bosch sanders

Bosch makes ergonomic sanders. This brand normally incorporates dual modes into its tools. Surfprepr, Bosch sanders also have random orbit and direct drive modes. They possess the same modes we find in Surfprep sanders, indeed. 

However, they are more aggressive on wood than Festool sanders. Bosch sanders has more capacity to remove dirt.


These are the leading sander brands on the market today. Surfprep is powerful and simple. It has two features that anybody would look for in a sanding tool: mobility and flexibility. However, Festool is more portable, lightweight, and is also a powerful machine with a great removal rate. 

As to Bosch sanders, they are more appropriate for harder jobs. Their air pressure is as high as that of Surfprep sanding tools.Β