If you liked Rabbit Type pokemon, According to serebii Scorbunny is one of those creatures of the new generation you would like most. It is called the Rabbit Pokemon that doesn’t spitfire. It’s a starter pokemon you can find in Sword and Shield 2019 together with Grookey and Sobble in Galar.

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What Scorbunny and first appearances

It is a fast Pokemon that usually runs about bursting with energy. It is so speedy that it leaves fiery footprints in the grass when running. This is how this rabbit appeared for the first time in the Sword and Shield launch.

And if we look at its appearance, we can that it is anatomically like a rabbit or hare. It has pointed ears and big paws just like hares have. Judging by what it is like, the rabbit is a fiery speedy Pokemon.

Now, Scorbunny debuted in Settling the Scorbunny, by the time it was living with a Nickit. He was defeated by Ash, and Goa became his trainer. At first, they didn’t get along well, but their relationship changed eventually. The bunny bonded with Ash’s friend so much that it helped him catch Dynamax. After that, it evolves into a Raboot in JN017.


Scorbunny has also had some minor appearances in the Manga and Anime. It is said that the soles of its feet bring good luck. Jumping and confusing rivals with its speed is one of its major skills.

It appeared in Pokemon Adventures, in the Pocket Monsters Manga, and in the anime. Scorbunny lost to Ash and Goa in the Manga just like it did in the anime, leading it to be caught in JNM02.

In the Pokemon Adventures manga, there was another Scorbunny owned by Shirudomiria.
It also showed up as a starter Pokemon from Leon in Postwick.

In Japanese, it is called differently as it goes by the name of Hibanny. It pertains to the Generation VIII. In Sword and Shield, it evolves at the beginning of level 16, and then it turns into convertsCinderace at 35. The latter is more than a simple fire Pokemon; it is a rare Pokemon. However, Scorbunny is a Starter Pokemon in Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more about it, use the Pokedex in the game, and you’ll see details.

Pokedex entries

Although we’ve repeatedly said it is a race Pokemon, there’s no doubt its major ability is to burn with its hot feet. You realize it when you observe how flames course the way down its body when it’s getting prepared. When that happens, Scorbunny is at its full capacity and ready to use full power. To take this Pokemon’s energy to the maximum level, you need to do some warm-up running previously. This will fuel the fire that runs through its lightweight body.

The pads of this Pokemon are different and can generate special capabilities. They radiate heat when Scorbunny is about to fight. Once the pads are burning, the pokemon is game for the combat. Many gamers use it as a starter Pokemon to at least secure the first victory.

It was not a revelation for many of the Pokemon fans that a Fire Pokemon with these abilities was created because there are other rabbit Pokemons in other categories like water and ground. Its first appearance in the game was on February 27, 2019. And it didn’t do it alone, but with two other PokemonsGrookey and Sobble.

Normal and Special Moves

Comparing with other Pokemons, Scorbunny possesses an average skillset. It averages 71 points in attack, meaning that giving kicks is one of its strengths. It is often used for weakening the opponents; so it is not supposed to be used for fighting evolved Pokemons or others with 132 in the attack, as it can get knocked out effortlessly.

In the game Sword and Shield, we see how it is possible to train Scorbunny with balls of different sizes. When you play with this pokemon, Scorbunny improves its kick strength and speed to reach far-off objects. It acts like a little indigenous playful kid.

Also, it doesn’t have a great defense; the only defense it arguably has is the speed. It makes it really hard to be caught or hit when it runs about but can be easily defeated with only one hit. After it’s done with a fight, it is likely to ask for food. It’s the type of Pokemons that cook and loves eating. It’s such a diehard fruit eater. Scorbunny is a Pokemon to play with because it’s really fun. Such a livewire.

From 260 possible points, Scorbunny averages 69 in speed but can get 133 when it attacks. This leaves him in a very bad position if caught off guard. It’s not a Pokemon that resists a lot, so it is important to teach it how to dodge others’ moves. In the game Sword and Shield, you can help it improve the speed and reward it with some food when it makes it.

Scorbunny is also good at cooking. Its favorite dish includes tomato berries, cherries, and instant spicy instant noodles. It will equally taste the food too. Cook something before or after training to recharge batteries. It is a Pokemon that requires a lot of attention, so make sure to play a lot with it when out of the Pokeball. Remember that it will improve its abilities as long as you train it and play with it.

It could, however, catch up in speed with other Pokemons in their second evolution. It all depends on how you train it and how much you play with it. In the battle against Pikachu, it showed a great speed being probably faster but didn’t throw any flames. It just got limited to physical attacks and kicking.

Resistance and other attacks in the anime, game, and manga

In Generation VIII, since it is a fire Pokemon, Scorbunny is not resistant to ground, rock, and water. It can pose a challenge to flying, poison, electric, and dark Pokemons. It lacks immunity to any type of Pokemons but can do greatly against bug, steel, fire, grass, ice, and fairy ones.

It doesn’t cause so much damage when it tackles opponents. It also does double-kicks, quick attacks, flame charge physically. Its headbutt is very strong as well as it’s counter to finish off a rival but it can be beaten very easily by these techniques as well. Scorbunny generally uses bounce-flying and double-edge to cause more damage. These two are physical attacks. There are not fire-type counters in its learned.

Among Scorbunny’s other skills, it has the fire fang which is slightly strong against Pokemons of its category. The fire blast which is one of the few fire moves is often more common in its evolution. A move in close combat is the low kick, which works well as the first moves if the opponent allows it. Flamethrower is another move that can cause a lot of damage when it impacts others directly, but it’s uncommon. Scorbunny never used its flamethrower against Pikachu.

It is a slightly acrobatic Pokemon with averagely strong moves like the low sweep (to duck and counter other Pokemon’s attacks). Its heatwave is 90% effective as well as the blaze kick, which consists of kicking with the fiery legs. Overheat is another move worthy to mention as it is 90% effective and part of the special moves. Oftentimes, Scorbunny does high jump kick fighting to tackle. This was the move it did to hit Pikachu for the first time.

Two other moves made by Scorbunny that are very uncommon are the sucker punch and the Super Fang, which are physical attacks recommended as the first moves to start off a fight and test the opponent. Since Scorbunny is fast, the effectiveness of the Sucker Punch and Super Fang is high.
There are, however, moves that can be performed by Scorbunny in the game but do not appear in the anime or manga. As it is a rabbit with many physical attacks, some of these skills have been added from other Pokemons logically. Most of the physical attacks ascribed to Scorbunny will be never done in reality, yet the game incorporates them to make this Pokemon stronger and harder to get beaten.

For instance, the Fire Pledge has been never seen in the anime but was included in the game, and forms part of the special moves added to this Pokemon’s skillset. Also, most of the special moves that require flame-throwing are nearly 100% effective against other starter Pokemons. In the case of the Fire Pledge, it is a powerful flame that works in 80% of cases.

The Pokemon starts using throwing of flames as its main move when it evolves into its final form, Cinderace. This is because Scorbunny is a fire Pokemon without so much flame power but with a great capacity to perform physical attacks in its first form. Consequently, it is considered a Rabbit Pokemon along with the Buneary; another Rabbit Pokemon with fewer appearances in the anime.

Nonetheless, there’s no doubt it is a fire Pokemon but designed like a rabbit. When its feet heat up, they reach temperatures that range from 100 to 103 degrees Farenheit, and capable to leave marks on the floor. This is the main reason to call this Scor-bunny. It is a bunny that scorches the floor when running.

Biology and its relation with other Rabbit Pokemons

Scorbunny is a white Pokemon with orange and yellow markings on its neck, ears, and toes. The eyes are grey and the nose has a yellow band that resembles a bandage. The legs of this pokemon are long and yellow-padded.

To start using it, Scorbunny needs to warm up first. Make him run and the fire will start coursing through its body. Once the heat is on, the Pokemon is ready to give full reign to its power. What energizes this pokemon is the heat that goes under his feet. Scorbunny loves to run, jump and uses these abilities to fool his opponents. There are not many Scorbunnies in the Pokemon world, and those you find are under the ownership of trainers.

Origin of the name and what its name is in other languages

It is also called Scor-bunny, given that the particle ‘scor’ refers to ‘score points’ in some sports. Pokemon likes playing soccer. In some sports like Kicking-ball or Soccer, you kick the ball to score a goal or more runs, hence the name of Scorbunny. So, the two meanings attributed to ‘scor’ make sense.

In other languages, the name of this Pokemon changes adopting other meanings. For example, in French, it’s called Flambino, which derives from the term flamme. In Italy, it has a completely different meaning, being called bambino, which means an albino baby.

In Japanese, the name is a little different from the one it has in Spanish and English. This Pokemon is called Hibanny, which in Japanese means hi (fire) and (hibana) spark, or rabbit. This name also sounds logical considering that it is a fire rabbit that in its second form, its firepower gets boosted. In German, its name is ascribed to the term hop, for its amazing skill to run and jump when tackling.

It is a fire Pokemon that raises a lot of criticism

Well, as said before, it is a fire Pokemon with many normal skills unrelated to fire or flames. So far, there have been three Rabbit Pokemons revealed that use attacks of different sorts.

Lopunny is a rabbit that performs only physical attacks. Diggersby is a rabbit that belongs to the normal/Ground category. Azumarill is a water/fairy Pokemon, and finally Scorbunny, a considered now Fire-Rabbit Pokemon with an extensive range of physical attacks and average speed.

Scorbunny’s skills do not wash with its haters, who tagged it as a soccer player and a ground Pokemon that has nothing to do with fire capabilities. They say that Scorbunny is more likely to be a ground-type Pokemon because it’s a rabbit and it should be included in this category. Others think that Scorbunny has a greater chance to become a Fire/Ground type Pokemon when it evolves, given that it will be able to dig and execute fire attacks.

Scorbunny evolution

If you had liked Scorbunny, I think you’ll likeRaboot even more. This Pokemon was introduced for the first time in Generation VIII with its starter form, Scorbunny. After evolution, it continues to be a Fire Pokemon. In the game, Scorbunny evolves into this Pokemon at level 16 and precedes Cinderace, Scorbunny’sfinal evolution.

The fire rabbit Pokemon that looks like a humanoid

Compared to Scorbunny, Raboot is almost a humanoid with a grayish-white body and red eyes sporting a balaclava that covers most of its reddish fur. It also has a dark pocketed-tuff that resembles a turtleneck sweater. Its feet are red and grayish, being the front half darker. It also wears a yellow bandage and its tail is small and fluffy. Overall, this Pokemon looks like a ‘cool’ baddy, like a thug.

If you wonder why this Pokemon is wearing too much clothing, the answer may seem obvious but at the same time ambiguous. Apparently, those clothes protect Raboot from the cold and its fire attacks when combating. The grayish fur underneath its clothes also protects it from ice Pokemons. A habit that it hasn’t kicked is its passion for soccer, which helps it improve kicking counters.

Raboot’s footwork is outstanding and improves by practicing with cherries. In its second form, Raboot is skillful enough as to juggle with several berries with its feet at a time to practice its kicking attacks.



After having participated in various battles with its trainer Goh as a starter Pokemon, Scorbunny evolved into Raboot and it was not the same. It still had a good relationship with Goh, but talks much less and is not as knit to its trainer as it used to.

Moves and Power Range

In this second form, Raboot shoots up its attack level to 86. It is still average but clearly much stronger than when it was a Scorbunny. The scale for attacks for second-form rabbit Pokemons goes from 50 to 300.

In defense, the numbers remain static. From 240 possible points, it gets 60, meaning its protective clothing may not be that enough. Nonetheless, it does great against ice-type pokemon. When Raboot utilizes its maximum defense level, it can reach 123, but it’s still par for a fire Pokemon in its second form. It increased its speed to 94, yet it can be twice faster when in the attack.

Adding up all the skills, Raboot gets a total of 420 points, factoring in defense, attack, capacity to duck things.

In conclusion

  • Raboot is also a Pokemon that appeared in Generation VIII.
  • It doesn’t talk too much, it stops being playful as it used to be when it was a Scorbunny.

  • It runs faster but still unable to double the speed of its unevolved form.
  • Raboot’s defense rate is low.
  • Raboot is able to juggle with several cherries at a time.
  • It stopped to be a playful rabbit to become a rabbit-like humanoid with trendy clothing.

Scorbunny final evolution

Scorbunny final evolution is Cinderace, the Pokemon evolution that comes after Raboot.

When it evolves from Raboot, it stops to be a mere Fire Pokemon to turn into a Striker-type Pokemon with strong fire skills. In this form, its body is nearly completely white save for its ears and the inside of its ears that are yellow. Its eyes are red but have an orange hue and white irises. It has navy patterns under its eyes but they are not bags. Cinderace’s eyebrows are yellow and match its navy pattern below the eyes.

The Pokemon ‘of beautiful tufts’

The eyebrows are some of the featured traits in this Pokemon as they form a crown or a yellow spindle right up the forehead. Some may count it as a crown, but it’s actually a tuft that connected to the brows. The eyebrows also stretch towards each side of the head. This pokemon has other tufts of blue fur that make it look like a navy mini shirt or belt. It wears a baggy pair of reddish pants that have yellow pockets and end in yellow tufts at the knees.

Cinderace has two other tufts at the back of its thighs. This Pokemon has a lot of yellow, red, and navy blue tufts that beautify its body. As for the feet, they are navy-blue and have red-orange toes. This Scorbunny final evolution has yellow dots of fur on the underside of each foot that radiates tremendous heat and fire flames in attack.

A fire or a striker Pokemon? Fire

In the above paragraphs, we said Cinderace is a striker Pokemon most probably due to its predominantly physical attacks, but this datum may vary. Some catalogers define it as a Fire Pokemon for the mere reason that it uses fire attacks more than its starter forms. This Scorbunny final evolution kicks a rock and transforms into a burning soccer ball.

Some moves

When it attacks, it takes the burning rock and kicks it right at the other Pokemomgiving it a spin. This move is very difficult to evade for the fact that it is a fire ball that radiates heat when coming close. If the opponent happens to avoid it, it can still suffer flash burn, or at worst, it can finish up scorched.

Unlike its primary evolutions, Cinderage excels at offense and defense. In case of being losing the combat, Cinderage can get pumped up for a final move. Just be careful when it starts showboating. This Pokemon tends to be extremely self-confident when it’s winning. Try to cheer it up but make sure it keeps a level head; otherwise tables may turn.