Pokรฉmon Smile turns brushing your teeth into an augmented reality adventure

Pokรฉmon’s brand new game is out now and it is already trending because of the amazing features. The game is not any battle game but a kid-oriented game. The idea of the game is to motive the kids to brush their teeth regularly.

The developers believe to influence the kids in a way, which reflects the positive impact on their life. Let us jump to the theme of the game, which kids are enjoying to play.

In the game, Pokรฉmon smile the player has to save the other partner Pokรฉmon from the cavity. The cavity is causing the bacteria that are why rescuing the Pokรฉmonโ€™s is important. They have to brush the teeth to deal with the cavity.

Moreover, the overall features of the game include the attractive art along with the effects to give hat to player. The player got the hat while using the brush feature of the game. The payers are rewarded after rescuing all the Pokรฉmon from the dangerous bacteria.

Also, the graphics of the game are efficient to attract the kids to play the game. They enjoy having the cap on their face while defeating the bacteria. Not only this, but after releasing the game we got a wide range of positive reviews from parents. Most of the parents are thanking the developers because their children got the brushing habit.

By enjoying the game, kids feel brushing the teeth as an adventure for two times a day. After the removal of the cavity, catching the Pokรฉmon is something very motivational for the kids. They find it exciting to catch the Pokรฉmon as a level completion award.

The player got the best shot for killing the bacteria. As well as, decoration with attractive stickers is another fun for the kids in the Pokรฉmon Smile.

Not only this, but the game is serving the users with the notification options to remind them to brush their teeth. It depends on you to set the number of notifications for each day. Adjustment of the bring time is also there in the game to help the kids. It is recommended for the parents to set the time from two to three minutes for brushing.

It is worth to mention that creating the profile over the game is another efficient feature. Creating three different profiles in the same application is possible. Mentioning the name along with the age into the profile is again possible. In the end, there is daily advice for the parents, relating the brushing of the kid’s teeth. The team makes sure to provide advice from the dental association Japan. In this way, we provide true and honest advice for our users.

Overall, the game is best for the kids to motive them for brushing their teeth. Moreover, it helps the parents to know about the advice relating to the health of their kid’s teeth. Multiple profiles make it easy for the siblings to play their game separately with their name and record.