Pokemon Natures


I will continue the theme here by explaining natures for those of you who didn’t know every Pokemon have a kind that may change the Pokemon stats. There are 25 quality’s in total and compared to EVs and IVs. BST it’s a lot easier to understand basically what nature does is to increase one stat by 10% while decreasing another by 10% also nature’s work off of an actual pokemon stat which means VST Eve is, and Hy-Vee’s combined natures do not affect HP at all leaving us with attack defense special attack special defense or speed.

To get a better understanding of it all, you can use a nature table like this one.

Attack Hardy Lonely Adamant Naughty Brave
+Defense Bold Docile Impish Lax Relaxed
+Sp Atk Modest Mild Bashful Rash Quiet
+Sp Def Calm Gentle Careful Quirky Sassy
+Speed Timid Hasty Jolly Naive Serious

Natures list

Adamant Attack Sp. Atk
Bashful Sp. Atk Sp. Atk
Bold Defense Attack
Brave Attack Speed
Calm Sp. Def Attack
Careful Sp. Def Sp. Atk
Docile Defense Defense
Gentle Sp. Def Defense
Hardy Attack Attack
Hasty Speed Defense
Impish Defense Sp. Atk
Jolly Speed Sp. Atk
Lax Defense Sp. Def
Lonely Attack Defense
Mild Sp. Atk Defense
Modest Sp. Atk Attack
Naive Speed Sp. Def
Naughty Attack Sp. Def
Quiet Sp. Atk Speed
Quirky Sp. Def Sp. Def
Rash Sp. Atk Sp. Def
Relaxed Defense Speed
Sassy Sp. Def Speed
Serious Speed Speed
Timid Speed Attack


You have one row with nature’s that are increasing a stat, and another one which is decreasing the row in the middle is nature’s that cancel each other out as they both decrease and increase a stat by 10% leaving it at the starting point, after all, this you may wonder why natures matter and how you can use them effectively you see a pokemon have six different stats HP doesn’t matter when it comes to nature, so we’re left with five the cool thing is that you don’t usually need to think about all of the remaining five.

I will give you several examples here to make sure you get the wide range of possibilities on how to use nature’s effectively example the one you have a physical attacker thus these special attacks that don’t matter as you want to use it for anything anyways you can then take those ten percents away from nothing and increase the attack by ten percent without losing anything example to save a few have a special attacker you don’t need the attacks that example3 your defenses or garbage anyways and you want to run a mixed set example for you want a mixed 

attacker but don’t really need to speed a the last thing to add to this natures are always good when increasing huge stats like an attack when it has multipliers like swords dance items or abilities or when it comes to speed well I’ve been talking about physical and special Pokemon.

What’s that all about you might ask if you’ve never heard of a physical move and a special move I have actually covered that you can find in the Pokemon explain playlist a cool thing to note when it comes to natures is that you can actually combine some fine Eevee precision to gain more out of your stats.

  I have not been testing this out a lot as it’s pretty difficult to accomplish, but it can potentially save you a couple of V’s if you know how those work I can give you my super-secret Togekiss Eevee spread here to show you what I mean and you can go try this out yourself at level 50 if you have a Calm Togekiss with 31 IVs and special defense and give it 36 EVs on top you go up two stat points between 35 and 36 V’s pretty neat huh a

 pokemon’s nature cannot be changed however they’re all ways to either make in nature you’re looking for more likely to appear or easier to get by making use of the daycare if you are hunting for Pokemon in the wild you can use a Pokemon with the ability to synchronize examples of Pokemon where this ability can be the Abra line or Mew what this ability does is to increase the 

Pokemon natures sword and shield

pokemon natre sword and shield
Nature+10% -10%Favorite FlavorHated Flavor
Bashful N/A N/A N/A N/A
Docile N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hardy N/A N/A N/A N/A
Quirky N/A N/A N/A N/A
Serious N/A N/A N/A N/A
Adamant Attack Special Attack Spicy Dry
Brave Attack Speed Spicy Sweet
Lonely Attack Defense Spicy Sour
Naughty Attack Special Defense Spicy Bitter
Bold Defense Attack Sour Spicy
Impish Defense Special Attack Sour Dry
Lax Defense Special Defense Sour Bitter
Relaxed Defense Speed Sour Sweet
Modest Special Attack Attack Dry Spicy
Mild Special Attack Defense Dry Sour
Quiet Special Attack Speed Dry Sweet
Rash Special Attack Special Defense Dry Bitter
Calm Special Defense Attack Bitter Spicy
Careful Special Defense Special Attack Bitter Dry
Gentle Special Defense Defense Bitter Sour
Sassy Special Defense Speed Bitter Sweet
Hasty Speed Defense Sweet Sour
Jolly Speed Special Attack Sweet Dry
Naive Speed Special Defense Sweet Bitter
Timid Speed Attack Sweet Spicy
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