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Pokemon Leaks 2020 – Where to read them and the most popular leaks
Today, there are four games most Pokemon Youtubers discuss the most, Pokemon Diamond 2 and Pokemon Pearl 2. This leads us to think we’re still far from the end of Pokemon.


Those games tell a story of two years after. These changes had been introduced in Pokemon Black andΒ Pokemon WhiteΒ 2. Yet, according to Pokemon Leaks 2020, Pokemon Pearl and Diamond 2 will take us much further in the future, 30 years after. It sounds splendid, but it puts into question whether or not we’ll see new characters or the same ones look older.


The new covers of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond 2 are not ready. Much of the information we get is fake, but the rumour about characters getting older seems legit. Most YouTubers state that Pokemon is trying to add new roles or replace the protagonist (in the original story). They are seeking to replace Ash, who has been with us since the beginning.


Pokemon also will maintain the idea of Mega evolutions. For example, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are likeliest to get new forms, Mega Evolutions. This form is called the Original growth.As for the other Pokemons, some will have a new evolution, for example, Ambipom, plus the variants of the PokeDex, which will be included in one game.


On a side note, Pokemon will not make remakes of previous versions; instead, it is trying to give continuity to the game stories.

Pokemon in Crown Tundra returns

There’s a rumour that supposedly indicates the imminent return of Pokemon in Crown Tundra. This new release pledges to come out with more Pokemons that had been introduced earlier in Pokemon Sword and Shield.Β 


The Crown Tundra will be the complement of DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The setting will be like the one in Ireland in winter, but the plot will be almost the same, having Peony seeking to discover and catch new creatures.


However, not only will this bring new creatures, but it will also prepare the comeback of old ones. It is like the past game Isle of Armor, where old and new Pokemons encountered. Although this information has been leaked, there’s nothing confirmed. What has been published is that there are possibly 119 new entries of Pokemons the studio is bringing back in the game.



For the time being, the only things we have are the trailers that show a remake of Pokemon Sword and Shield. On a positive note, all these Pokemons might appear in the series just after the game launch. The truth is that the list is more extensive than in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but the game might be compared to the Isle of Armor if these leaks are real.


The Crown Tundra is then going to add other Pokemons in the empty dex entries. These Pokedex entries are Cobalion, Virizion, Mewtwo, and Mew. It is essential to clarify that these Pokemons are available but have no entries.


In this new version of Pokemon, we will see some legendary Pokemons that were part of the First Generation, some of which are Nidoking, Dragonite, and Aerodactyl. Legendary birds like Ho-Og and Luigi might appear as well. This doesn’t mean new forms are discarded.

According to Twitter users, these new changes and additions can cause controversy, but they will be equally welcomed by players in the long run, as with Pokemon Sword and Shield when it first launched for Nintendo Switch.


New Moves you’ll see in the Isle Of Armor


The addition of new Pokemons is not the only thing you will see in the game, but also new moves and attacks, which represent a big update.Β 


We are not talking about a dozen attacks but about 21 new moves that will be incorporated in the game. This leak was let known by a user in a popular Pokemon Fansite.Β 


These are the moves to be included (all of them only performed by new Pokemons)


Expanding Force

Steel Roller

Scale Shot

Meteor Beam

Shell Side Arm

Misty Explosion

Grassy Glide

Rising Voltage

Terrain Pulse

Skitter Smack

Burning Jealousy

Lash Out


Corrosive Gas


Flip Turn

Triple Axel

Dual Wingbeat

Scorching Sands

Jungle Healing

Wicked Blow

Surging Strikes


Pokemon has been among us for around thirty years, and it’s still on fire with many updates every week. There are many ways to stay informed with everything about this anime, from watching videos on Youtube to reading Reddit publications, social media where people comment on news and leaks on different topics.Β 

In this article, we’ll see where to find Pokemon leaks 2020, and what’s being rumoured right now. Remember that leaks are rumours, thus they are not confirmed.

Pokemon leaks reddit

The first place to hear about Pokemon news is YouTube and reddit. Youtubers extract information from different sources, like Twitter and Japanese Pokemon magazines. Pokemon Youtubers, however, is not a reliable source of information as such. They pull out the information and publish it in a way that it looks more attractive. So, be wise and don’t believe everything they say.

The other social network is 4Chan, have you ever heard of it? This is a social network where people publish photos, reviews, and news on things that are in. On 4Chan, visitors focus on consoles and new Pokemon characters for Nintendo Switch. They have deliberately related the new story of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl to the future of Pokemon. 4Chan bans users for spoiling too much, so do it carefully.

Pokemon Official Magazine is another source of information, but it doesn’t publish too many leaks here. Most of the leaks we hear on YouTube had been published previously on Twitter, while Twitter users get that information from games like Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokemon Sleep. New updates are commonly added in games before they appear for the first time in the anime or manga.

Switching to Twitter, there are several accounts you can follow to stay tuned. Two of the Twitter Pokemon leaks that most people follow are Pokemon TV Leaks and Centro Pokemon Leaks. Unfortunately, they are too concentrated on the games also, so do not expect to find Pokemon series leaks there. Games tell you about new events to come in Pokemon.

On Youtube, you can also find well-founded material, not only about games but also about animation trailers, Pokemon Generations, Pokemon leaks, and other Pokemon-related Youtube channels. MunchingOrange, UnlistedLeaf, and TheJwittz are some of the Poketubers that have gained most popularity until now.

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