Snorunt #361

snorunt seems to be a Pokemon full of joy and happiness. Some Pokemon fans have speculated that this cute Pokemon holds a sad story by using a dawn stone on female snoring. It evolves into the terrifying Frost last, and nice goats pop. One based on the yuki-onna because of that, many have asked the question does the females Noren dies when exposed to the dawn stone to become a ghost that idea seems to have some basis.

But what if I told you that the snorunt was already dead it seems like gain free puts a lot of thought. When designing Pokemon after their inspirations, well I guess most of the time. The way it’s Noren ties to Frost us is, without a doubt, a reference to the real-life counterpart legends, as I mentioned before.


2′ 04”Snow Hat
37.0 lbsInner Focus/Ice Body


Sp. Atk:50
Sp. Def:50


Frost is based on the yuki-onna, a spirit, or youkai based on a beautiful snow woman that waits for travelers in snowy mountains to meet their doom. What I want to focus on is a variant of the Yuki-onna known as the Ukyo mwah. Both berries are almost identical to the point that many believe is just a story of the Yuki-onna.

there is a key difference the  Yuki-onna is said to carry a child with her. When you meet her, she will ask you to hold her baby, and if you do, you will freeze to death, but if you don’t well, you saw that because she gets pissed off at you or something. This child, known as you Kinko, is the key. If you haven’t figured out by now, snore ins design is based on you, Kinko.


These childlike spirits are always connected to both the Yuki-onna or Yuki  Amba as their offspring; however, that is not the only inspiration behind this  Pokemon based on its name and Pokedex entries. It could also be tied up to other legends, but because Frost less is one of the evolutions that you can collegian ties in perfectly. So if Nora’s are experienced born from  Yuki-onna well, they’re technically dead already the final question becomes how does the don’t stone ties into all of this.

There is no direct reference; however, we can speculate why the dawn stone is fed and based on his Japanese name and the legend behind it, Yuki-onna, one description that stands out from the  Yuki-onna. Based on all the alleged encounters are her terrifying eyes time after time. We see references to how her eyes strike terror into mortals the dawn. Stone is known as the awakening stone in Japan, and all the descriptions talk about how these stones sparkle like glittering eyes.

So now you know some useless facts, but I  hope you enjoy the video I couldn’t have done it without the help of my buddy  Specter and Klaus, so I’m gonna leave their channel links in the description below so make sure to check them out if you have more to add to this theory make sure to share.


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