Mimikyu # 778

Mimikyu name is a play on words of the phrase mimickyu. If this makes perfect sense .because it appears that mimikyu is disguised as a Pikachu so that it can get closer to people and Pokemon because its actual appearance underneath the disguise is horrifying. But you may be wondering why didn’t it make you pick Pikachu out of all the other Pokemon? Well, you would think that it’s because Pikachu was one of the most popular and loved Pokemon. So looking like Pikachu would make it easier for mimickyu to bond with people.


0′ 08″Disguise
1.5 lbsDisguise
This pokemon does not Evolve.
Sp. Atk:50



You see, mimikyu are generally only eight inches tall or point two meters tall, .which is extremely small compared to other Pokemon. Because it is so small as you can imagine, they also don’t weigh very much either the average mimikyu weighs in at one point five pounds or 0.7 kilograms. Additionally, wild mimikyu have a gender ratio of 50% male and 50% female.

How to Read stat

 The number for one of mimic use most useful features in battle would definitely be its disguise, .which, in turn, gives mimikyu the disguise ability this ability allows mimikyu to basically tank any attack without taking damage. However, this will, in turn, break mimic use disguise changing mimikyu into its busted form after the disguise is busted in battle; this ability cannot be used a second time.

 Now in regards to mimic use the busted form, there’s actually some interesting information surrounding it .the first would be that mimikyu is the only Pokemon whose second form shares the same models and textures with mimic use. Pikachu disguise head being positioned differently in the animations as the only difference, whereas other Pokemon like D axis or Rodham, for instance, change quite a bit in their other forms .making mimikyu the only Pokemon with the same models and textures in their alternate form through Pokedex entries.

 We also learned that after mimic use disguises busted, the Pokemon inside the disguise is not injured, which means that mimikyu themselves are likely so small that their actual bodies don’t go into the upper half of their disguise. And we also learn that the disguise breaking makes mimikyu very fed and of the final thing we learn from Pokedex entries is when mimicked use disguise has its neck broken, or it gets torn from an attack.

 mimikyu stay up all night to fix their disguise .meaning that these Pokemon are pretty skilled at sewing tore rags, and at the moment that you’ve all been waiting for but not for very long number five I think we can all agree that the biggest mystery .about mimikyu is what exactly is underneath its Pikachu disguise well, unfortunately, we don’t exactly know however in the anime we got one small glimpse of what it looks like however, it is underwater and very blurry but it appears to just be this little black blob with bright eyes kind of shaped like a Shroomish. In a way but alas, we still don’t know what it looks all its glory. However, its appearance is said to be terrifying, and in one of its Pokedex entries we learned that there was a scholar who saw what was under its disguise and was so overwhelmed with terror that they died from shock so whatever is under there is so horrifying that it can literally kill you with even a small peek at what lies underneath, but there you have it, everybody, five facts about mimikyu hopefully you guys enjoyed this article today and hopefully, you learned something

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