Lycanroc #745

It goes in between the midday and the midnight form, and it’s this brand-new design. Here it is now here’s the thing when it was first revealed this is the first form or pokemon. It looked vibrant; it looked colorful .we actually wanted an honor party, but then you take a step back, and you look at the name dusk form, and you realize that it is not a dusk form like in Rock that’s a mid-day like in Rock. In a world where they jumped into the 3d Pokemon game.

They made all these crazy Pokemon models from just a little marsh shadow to the way to three starters evolutions look all the way to some crazy animations like mega steelix. your resort down to just making a clone of the midday forum as the centerpiece of these two.the midnight fora meaning that this thing really is the centerpiece evolution to the – there’s no denying it this thing not only comes in between the midday and midnight.


2′ 07”Wolf
55.1 lbsKeen eye/Sand Rush
Rock RuffLycanroc


Sp. Atk:55
Sp. Def:65

Important Part

The most important part of a Pokemon the way it looks, and to be honest, I think I’ve got an explanation to this like in  Rockman so before I could look at this third like in Roth. I have to compare the other two like in rocks to see how they could join together and make this one. So comparing the stats of these two the mid-day like in Rock is fast and has a good attack while midnight like in Rock is a bit slower.

Stat Table

I’ll show you stat table below if you look at them there’s not much leeway here. You can’t really make a third like in Rock by messing around with these stats. What are you going to do average it out, so it has stats in between are you going to make it both fast and bulky.

The midday form like in Rock in the midnight form like in rock look at their name they’ve been given these weird-ass names from the star. Twilight Theory working now look at their design now doesn’t it make sense why this thing looks the way it does why this thing is this’s not crappy now I  can appreciate it why this thing is just a golden version of midday all dusk-like Rock .it is midday like a rock as the base slowly transitioning over to midnight, so that’s just a few features what done like it Rock.

The dusk form and for midnight like in Rock there’s special midnight like in rock form known as the dawn form they flipped. It because dawn makes you think of bright and morning, but you got to learn well, and dust makes you think of late at night.

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