Gardevoir #282

we explore actual facts about the old wind blew. His two favorite things were Pokemon and wife through as the decades passed his love for these two things only grew and on his deathbed with his final breath.


5′ 03”Embrace
106.7 lbsTrace/Synchronize


Sp. Atk:125
Sp. Def:115

He let out a dying wish; he looked to the Stars and said Lord give me a Pokemon wife. A pocket monster whose image needs worshipping and smile need protecting later that day Ken Sugimori put pencil to paper and what he came out with was Gardevoir. God of war is the embrace pokemon god of war is a psychic and fairy-type.

Pokémon native to the Hoenn region. Gardevoir is one of the most sought-after Pokemon in the entire Pokedex it’s battle prowess mega evolution capabilities kick-ass shiny form. General rarity make a god of war an incredible asset to any pokemon’s been recorded that god has was full potential is achieved.

When it’s attempting to protect a trainer, it’s developed a strong bond with should its trainer’s life ever be threatened god of war can create a small black hole to implode any target. Unfortunate enough to find itself in gardevoir’s wake seems like an appropriate response in a bit of a pinch just eviscerate your enemy’s existence from the universe.

Itself very reasonable due to the gardevoir’s caring personality and curiously human-shaped appearance. It’s unfortunately found itself to be somewhat iconic furry bait. As a resort has been depicted time .time again in a rainbow of sexual endeavors there, she is being outfitted in a fetishized French maid outfit.

Here’s another image of Gardevoir engaging in what’s colloquially known as boom fun rather artistic. If you ask me, the scientific name for Gardevoir is a viscous and Shakuni’s. This translates to extrasensory slutbag noteworthy trainers to have used god war in their own pokemon teams include Diantha, the champion of the Kalos region and wally.

You know the point in the game where your Pokemon will have most likely been reduced to squirming piles of blood. After surviving the most treacherous location in all of the Hoenn regions, Wally thought this would be the best time to battle. You, this would be the best time to test out the power of his world-destroying.

Pokemon god of war, that’s great Wally seeing my experience. It’s more of a fair fight to wait until both sides are fully healed and prepared. But now, directly after being destroyed is about the most appropriate time. I can think that you’d wanna battle someone amazing Wally you classless dumb sack of remember. If you’re trudging through Google Images looking at pictures of Pokemon, you’ll probably find the god of one being on the earth.

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