Bulbasaur #001

I go over ten facts that you probably didn’t know about the Bulbasaur family.now when I say the bubbler family. I’m talking about any fresh and interesting facts about Bulbasaur Ivysaur and Venus or from any part of Pokemon. Whether it’s the anime game TCG spin-off manga or anything else in the series, now let’s look at the ten facts that you didn’t know about the bubble for family.


2′ 04”Seed
15.2 lbsOvergrow


Sp. Atk:50
Sp. Def:105




Fact #10

Number ten, no art of Bulbasaur, shows us have red eyes. However, earlier from the Pokemon trees shows the player character from the red and green games.alongside of three starters and Pikachu, and as you can see here Bulbasaur one side gray eyes and a snout of soil kind of like a plant dinosaur pig still cute.

Fact # 9

number nine Ivysaur is the only second-stage grass poison-type pokémon to not evolve by an evolutionary stone. The first generation of Pokemon came packed with grass poison type 9 of the 14 grass types were all grass poison sizes. These grass poison types consisted of the Bulbasaur family, the oddest family, and the Bellsprout family to get victreebel and bio glue.
You need to use the Leafs note on weepinbell and glued respectively whereas to get a fetus, or you just need a level of fiber source at level 32 or higher. Even to get blossom, you need to use a Sunstone on glue and generations afterward Roselia got grow straight as evolution and guess what you gotta use a shiny stone for that one too Ivysaur. you really are the top percentage of grass poisoned.

Fact # 8

hence my friend’s number 8 Venusaur is actually Ken Sugimori Solis fared Pokemon. this is because Venus was a complex design, which made it incredibly difficult to draw now some of you might be saying that fetuses design isn’t too complex in comparison to some of the other. pokemon, but if you take a look at all the first generation, Pokemon Venusaur definitely has one of the most complex designs.

Fact # 7

if not the most complex floor out of all number seven besides Pikachu Bulbasaur is the Pokemon that Ash is kept in his possession. their longest every single member of the mashing team has been released or given away to someone at one point or another. Butterfree fell in love you blue Pidgeot hasn’t a productive bunch of Pidgey. Pidgeotto and asked never came back together Charizard intercept Valley and twirl.twirl squad you can even say that feature was released at some point with the episode features goodbye in the anime.
but this has never happened with level sort bubble sort of state. whose Ashton as a last with the rest of Ash’s Pokemon for the entirety of the series. it even stayed back with ash with all the Ivysaur, and the venusaur were forcing it to evolve bubble sort is the definition of loyal.
it played a very prominent role in the indigo League. the orange Islands the Johto league even after a scotch egg arena, and it even came back a few times.all ash was in Hoenn and the battle frontier. Why did Babu sir join ash and Hoenn you ask well .it was primarily because it was brought back to help Mays newly caught Bulbasaur.

Fact # 6

number six global soar is the very first pokémon to be owned by more than one main character. yes, that’s right Ashton made both on the Bulbasaur, and that was the first time in the entire series where it’s two main characters. only the same Pokemon first in the Pokedex first to be only twice it’s a pretty cute pokémon .so it deserves it Shauna also owned a Bulbasaur in the X&Y series which is now an I destroyed May’s Bulbasaur is involved fully exempt venusaur and asks Bulbasaur has to decide to remain a Bulbasaur. so together, the three of them cover the entire evolutionary line.

Fact # 5

number 5 after Pikachu Meowth Bulbasaur is the third most common Pokemon in the anime. yes, that’s right with three different important cherries rezoning Bulbasaur and Ash’s Bulbasaur pretty much .making a prominent to rough map the entire anime Bulbasaur has the bronze medal for the Pokemon with the most animated period.

Fact # 4

number four no NPC owes the Venus or in pokemon red and blue besides. your rival and that’s only if you pick squirrel the beginning of the game. Yes, Charizard and Blastoise are owned by other traders of the game.
even Bulbasaur dinosaur is used by other trainers, but no one seems to use a Venusaur; this means that if you pick Charmander at the beginning of your journey, there’s absolutely no way for you to get Venus ores data in your Pokedex.
without trading someone, you can see this as Venus or not getting enough love. but I think this made Venus or a bit more rare back in those days, and everyone wants to rare Pokemon.so maybe just maybe the developers were giving resource a little bit of subtle love there.

Fact # 3

number three in Super Smash Bros Brawl between all three of the pokemon trainers. Pokémon Squirtle Ibis or and Charizard Ibis or is the only one that does not know any hmm Squirtle groups that have a waterfall in the mix and charge those groups that contain rock smash as well I resort knows Bullet Seed literally fine with.solarbeam not much covered there. but three out of those four groups are samples of the Bulbasaur family, so I think they did Ivysaur law justice wrong.

Fact # 2

number two, this one’s probably the one that most people know about the entire English Bulbasaur family.it cannot be traded over the GTF because, in this generation, all copra that had inappropriate or offensive work in the regular name was banned from being traded. without an affiliate nickname in bowls are found in this case, the word sucks are the German slang for calling someone a swine.
therefore it has been; however, it is important to note that this only applies to the English versions of these Pokemon as other bubble sorts Ivysaur and fetus or from other languages part of the clear. for example, a Japanese Bulbasaur is called blue Seguin day and says it doesn’t contain the son’s name or any inappropriate or offensive board; it can still be traded over the GPS.

Fact # 1

number one now, this is probably the one that most people didn’t know about the invisible shiny Bulbasaur glitch. This is a glitch that is primarily accessible to using action replay code. otherwise known as AR code on the fourth-gen game, but it can be accessed through the Paul Meg glitch as well. now, what is the invisible shiny bowler glitch, and where does a good name from the invisible shiny bullet, or is it which where you encounter a normal type good Pokemon that’s always shiny, and it has the cry of a Bulbasaur

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