Niantic Disables GO Battle League to Address a Serious Exploit

Niantic wants the investigation about the exploit because of which the team suspended the GO Battle League. The suspension occurs because, in the online play, multiple users adapted abusing exploits.

Also, the exploit was documented for one player only, which allows the player to create the additional energy. The energy is used while using the charged move animation by the control of fast moves.

The reason for the disabled is that most of the players are posting about the issues of the exploits in the battle league. The posting about the issues forced the developers to disable the function.

Moreover, Niantic is not in favor to tolerate the cheating and as well as exploitation in the games. This is the reason that they focused on disabled exploitation permanently and want the administration to fix it.

The team added that we believe the collaboration, which revolves around the contract of trust. Therefore, we expect you to use the skill and understanding for battles rather than adapting cheats. As this was the act of breaking our trust, which we are not going to tolerate at any good cost.

The organization, by any of its acts, shows the nascence behind the problems. As well as it never shows that how the issues are going to be solved by the team. At any rate, one of the issues is restricting PokΓ©mon from having the option to utilize their charged moves again and again with less quick assaults tossed in to help energize it.

In one example, YouTuber JRskatr noticed that a Melmetal he was confronting had the option to utilize Rock Slide after as not many as one Thundershock, prompting a monstrous weakness for his group. His adversary was later restricted in the wake of arriving at the best position in a hurry Battle League Rankings while manhandling that misuse.

We are strict about the policies, which we have generated for not commenting on investigations in someone’s account. However, when the exploited was determined we try our best to follow the process.

Analyze the issue

Data analysis was the first step, which pop up in our minds while initializing the process. Analyzing the entire issue keenly was the priority of the team. We make sure that we analyzed the problems from each aspect before actually moving to the next step. The process cleared that there is an open door for the exploit to come back at any time in the future.

Determine severity

With the complete knowledge of the analysis of the issue, we moved on to the next step for determining the severity. In this phase, we determine that how badly the exploitation is damaging the integrity of the GO battle League

Mitigate accordingly

Given the above-delineated advances, the handicapping of GO Battle League implies we have shown up at the “moderation” step of our cycle for the current circumstance. There is a lot of work occurring in the background, and we will re-empower GO Battle League once we are sure the “trust contract” will be respected.