Mass air flow sensor cleaner vs brake cleaner – alternative

 A brake cleaner is an essential product that serves as a solvent-based degreaser. Although the main function of a brake cleaner is cleaning and degreasing the braking system, it also has many other applications.

On the other side, an air flow sensor cleaner is an exclusive precision cleaner specially developed to clean sensitive sensor components without damaging or degrading plastic or painted surfaces.

A brake cleaner is used to remove and clean the remains of grease, oils, brake fluid, tar or any dirt that is found in the braking systems of cars (brake shoes, brake pads, discs and drums), trucks, motorcycles and bicycles among others.

A mass air flow sensor cleaner simply removes dirt from hot wires or hot films from air mass sensors.

People have been using brake cleaners to clean other parts of the vehicle, such as clutches. This product is also great for eliminating the remains of oil that have remained in the friction part. It can also be used for cleaning other components, such as carburetors, injectors, joint surfaces, and gearboxes.

In the case of mass air flow sensor cleaners, mechanics and drivers use them flow sensor cleaner to clean engines. When they do it, they put on gloves and goggles and insert the tube into the spark plug.

They can practically clean the air filter to access the sensor, which is mostly located between the air box and throttle body. It is recommended to remove the sensor to clean it when using a mass air flow sensor cleaner. So you need to be very careful. 

These are the features and advantages of mass air flow sensor cleaners and brake cleaners.

Mass air flow sensor cleaners

  • It is absolutely not necessary to place a cloth under the sensor to catch any spill when cleaning.  
  • You need to spray about 4-5 inches from the sensor.
  • It is a great choice to clean cables and connectors.
  • It does not damage plastics.
  • Mass air flow cleaners are the alternative to aggressive cleaners for cleaning carburetors, brake parts, and mass air sensor components.
  • This product does not degrade or deform the plastic and ​​cables, which prevents costly repairs afterward. 
  • It acts as a fuel sensor cleaner.
  • Reduces failures, irregularities, and explosions.
  • Improves the fuel consumption. 

Features and Advantages of brake cleaners. 

β€’ ease of use.

β€’ It has great dissolving capabilities.

β€’ It is fast-drying.

β€’ It is not necessary to use rags.

β€’ Degreases and repels water.

β€’ Leaves no residue or film.

β€’ It is a clear, non-conductive liquid that does not contain ketones.

β€’ Careful with the material

β€’ Inert to metals, acts on them without corroding, oxidizing or staining.

CRC BRAKLEEN brake cleaner

This product comes in a 20-ounce bottle with a lid that makes it more precise for cleaning. Brakleen is very good for the cleaning of discs, although it is multipurpose. You can use the CRC Brakleen brake cleaner for whatever you want to repair in the car.

The product leaves no sticky or greasy remains. Although it is for automotive use, you can use it for bicycle discs when they start to make noise. The liquid evaporates right away and sprays face up as face down.

CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner 05610

CRC 05610 is a mass air flow sensor cleaner that is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. The cleaner evaporates quickly without leaving residue. Basically, it improves fuel economy and MPG. It is likewise helpful for cleaning the air box, air filter, and throttle body. CRC 05610 helps you gain 4-10 HP at the wheels. 

The product also cleans the brake parts without degrading plastic or cables. It is less corrosive than other cleaners of this nature. 

Which one is better? 

While the CRC mass air flow cleaner is only intended for mass air flow sensor cleaning, the brake cleaner is all-in-one and can clean many other parts of the car. The mass air flow cleaner, on its end, can clean the throttle body and does not corrode plastic. The brake cleaner helps in the cleaning of bicycles, boats, so it is not limited to cleaning mass air flow sensors that are in cars and trucks. 

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