jil sander vs jil sander + jil sander navy   

Jil Sander is a luxury clothing company created by the designer Jil Sander. Until now, Jil Sander manages other brands like Jil Sander +. In 2010, Jil Sander was one of the best minimalistic clothing brands on the market, and it has grown with the production of new products. Jil Sander is the official site’s name. 

Jil Sander produces shirts, shorts, and shoes, and is headquartered in Germany. The company makes dresses for casual and special occasions. It also showcases dresses and garments for the different seasons of the year. If the summer has arrived, Jil Sander updates its merchandise and puts summer outfits on offer. It is a German site that is available in a range of languages like Italian. Despite this, you will need to change the language manually upon entering. 

Not only does this company sell shirts and shoes but also offers pants and accessories. This shop is targeted at women but has put attention on men’s clothes lately.

Below is a comparison that involves Jil Sander, Jil Sander +, and Jil Sander Navy.  

Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a womenswear collection focused on minimalistic styles. It doesn’t offer sports clothes but luxury clothing. Jil Sander also sells clothes for men, as we can see here, but it is hardly gaining popularity in this field. Jil Sander opened in 1968 and has been cooking with gas since then. It first spread across Milan and then across Europe and the United States. This store is more popular in Europe and countries like Italy. 

Jil Sander +

Jill Sander Plus or + encompasses the new collection of Jil Sander for those who love to go to the sea and safari. If you are looking for clothes for this kind of occasion, Jil Sander + can help. 

Importantly, most of Jil Sander + garments are unisex and blend luxury with comfort. These garments are not multipurpose but are very fresh, cozy, and relaxed. 

Jil Sander + adds more elements to the Jil Sander store. All products are detailed and thorough and suitable to practice sports. 

Jil Sander + creates garments for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountaineering, and bird watching. The clothes are durable and can withstand adverse conditions. They only sell casual clothes. 

Jil Sander Navy

Jil Sander Navy is a luxury clothing brand focused on garments for humid seasons. It shut off in July 2022 when Jil Sander decided to bring its operation to an end.

This extension offered products with an elegant and urban style, They offer shirts, blouses, and dresses. Apart from this, there were also shoes, belts, and bags. 

The brand reached its zenith in 2017 when it launched a new collection of luxury and feminine womenswear. But Jil Sander Navy did not differ too much from the original Jil Sander. 


Jil Sander and Jil Sander + are excellent luxury clothing brands. While Jil Sander is more focused on luxury garments, Jil Sander + works with casual styles. As you read below, Jil Sander Navy shut off years ago. Jil Sander + is the alternative for men and women looking for sportswear, while Jil Sander is there to satisfy those who want luxury stuff.