Is mass air flow sensor cleaner safe for electronics?

CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is a safe and effective alternative to β€œUnderground methods of MAF sensor cleaning. It has no aggressive chemicals like brake parts cleaners or carburetor cleaners on MAF sensors, which can cause serious damage to sensitive parts.

The product cleans the MAF hotwires and electrical components without damage to cables or plastic casing, making cleaning simple, safe and fast. Furthermore, the work can be finished in less than 10 minutes.

A mass air flow sensor cleaner has advantages, which make it a safe choice for electronics. Some of them are: 

  • It cleans and protects MAF sensors.
  • It is plastic-safe and leaves no residue.
  • It increases horsepower in vehicles. 
  • It decreases indecision and ping.
  • It improves fuel economy and MPG in cars.
  • It reduces the rough wait.
  • It is safe for use every time you clean or change your air filter.

Over time, dust, oil, and other dirt builds up from the mass air flow sensor, resulting in an incorrect air flow measurement in the intake system. To sort out this issue, a mass air flow sensor cleaner contains a powerful blend of chemicals that remove deposits on the sensor and restore correct flow air measurement safely and effectively. 

A mass air flow sensor cleaner is safe, allowing for its quick cleaning power and the fact that it leaves no residue and restores lost engine power. 

For use, simply disconnect and remove the mass air flow sensor carefully, do not touch the cable directly or shake the tanks, and then let the sensor dry naturally and reconnect.

Idle the engine for 2-3 minutes before driving.

The mass air flow sensor is a newly developed component and is mainly supplied on diesel models. Obviously, with injection engines, the fuel and air inlet has become very precise. Consequently, it is important to introduce the exact volume of air injected into the engine to change the actions of complementary intake parts, such as injection or EGR valve, in case you have EGR valve problems. 

Before using the Mass Air Flow Sensor cleaner, make sure you know how your mass air flow sensor works, in order to perform this routine service properly.

The mass air mass flow sensor is in charge of controlling the air that enters the combustion chamber to be able to mix with the fuel. This sensor sends the right amounts of air for an air-fuel mixture balance. 

To clean dirty MAF sensors, allows the ECU to optimize the air / fuel ratio for smoother acceleration, increased power and greater fuel economy. 

The cleaner is safe because its quick-drying formula was specially designed for maximum compatibility with all plastic housings and sensitive platinum sensors. Added to that, it dries fast without leaving residue. The cleaner is compatible with all VOC versions. 

To sum up, the mass air flow sensor cleaner is safe for use on electronics because:

  • It quickly and safely cleans and degreases high-precision electronic equipment. 
  • It helps protect sensitive contacts and components for more reliable operation and longer equipment life. 
  • Its quick-drying formula is specially designed to guarantee maximum compatibility with all types of plastic, printed or painted surfaces, and any other electronic component (very important).
  • It removes fingerprints, dirt, dust, oil, grease…
  • It is ideal for the maintenance and repair of high-precision electronic components such as circuits, relays, contacts, switches, points, rheostats, ballasts, all types of electronic cards, and computer components.