With the release of the PokΓ©mon home, Punishing Crab realized that bringing the Ash Cap Pikachu is possible. We are talking about bringing the ash cap Pikachu in PokΓ©mon sword and shield.

Most of the people keep asking for the solution and the steps to bring the exciting Ash Cap Pikachu. Therefore, we are here with the accurate steps to follow to have this cap.

To guarantee the World Cap Pikachu, load up a save in PokΓ©mon Sword or PokΓ©mon Shield and go to the Mystery Gift menu. Select “Get a gift of mystery for you”, and as a result get the code or password as reward”. The framework will at that point need to interface with the Internet. When it arrives at the menu, type code to get the Pikachu blessing. The PokΓ©mon will at that point show up in the gathering or the Box.

Keep reading the blog until the end and know about the complete process of getting this cap. Before mentioning the process, let me tell you that the steps are much easy to follow.

Let us jump to the steps of bringing the ash cap Pikachu without wasting any time. In total, there are just three steps to obtain the cap

In the first step, all you need is to scan the QR codes, which you obtain in the PokΓ©mon ultra son. Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code, which you obtain by the PokΓ©mon Ultra moon on the Nintendo 3DS.  Know that the first QR code will be for the Japanese version. While on the other hand, the second QR code will give the North American and European versions. Whereas, the third code and the fourth one will obtain the Taiwan version is for the Korea version.

With the completion of the scanning of the QR code, you will have to move to the 4th Route. After the fourth route, you have to enter the Pikachu valley.Β  After which you have to discuss to the deliveryman of the valley to get the Ash Cap Pikachu of your own.

Moving ahead, in the next step, try to bring the PokΓ©mon into the related PokΓ©mon bank. The bank will be on Nintendo 3DS. Transfer the PokΓ©mon to the PokΓ©mon home, which is on the Nintendo switch. Moreover, from the PokΓ©mon home, bringing the PokΓ©mon to the PokΓ©mon sword or shield will be the next phase.

It is worth mentioning that for performing this processing all you need is to have the premium plan subscription. This subscription will let you bring the PokΓ©mon from the PokΓ©mon bank and then to PokΓ©mon home.  Without the subscription, your dream of getting the ash cap will not be fulfilled. Therefore, before following the steps, move ahead to buy the premium subscription.

We are promising that the steps are highly simple and accurate to follow. Moreover, with the best subscription, there will be not hurdles in your way to bring the ash cap Pikachu for you.