How to make gym mats less slippery?

Gym mats stop being slippery after two weeks of regular use. They are made of a slippery material called PCV, which is slithery by default. The mat gets stickier when the top layer wears off by the tread of people. It makes little sense to buy new mats to sort out this issue. You can’t also wash the mats with soap and water during the first weeks. The texture of the surface changes as it erodes. 

Dust the carpet frequently and keep it clean. Do it on a weekly basis. When cleaning gym mats, use a broom or a vacuum to make things easier. Another choice is to buy two-sided mats made of different materials. These mats have a cotton and a PCV side. The latter usually gets slippy more often, so turn the mat around to the cotton side. Prior to this, clean the PCV with a vacuum cleaner and a hose. Finally, switch sides.Β Β 

The best way to make gum mats less slithery is constant washing. Wash them with a hose and use sanitizers to avoid bad odors. Put them to dry in the sun and only reinstall them when dried. Use the side of the mat that is slow to wear off.

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