How to make door mats with cricut?

To make a doormat using cricut, design a template on the PC including the text and drawings. Doormats are characterized by having a short message in bold. 

Whether or not decorative, the message conveys a friendly message to the visitor. It can say β€œStay awhile” β€œYou again? Ok welcome”. The cricut machine will help customize the message and print it into the freezer paper. When using the cricut device, make sure you input the right dimensions for the text according to the mat size. The next step is putting the freezer paper and wait for the stencil. 

Once the print run is in your hand, put it on the top mat layer. The stencil must be put face up on the shiny side of the paper. Then, insert the mat with the stencil into the cricut machine again to cut the letters.

Get the mat out of the machine and iron the stencil to it. 

Use pins to attach the text to the mat, so it won’t move at all.  Iron the paper to 300 degrees to make sure the mat takes the letters from the paper. 

Personalize the message by adding some color. Be careful not to apply too much paint or use the wrong angle when doing it. Let the paint dry and after 15 minutes, remove the freezer paper to see the result. 

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