How to keep car floor mats from moving?

Keeping a car floor mat in place is not easy, especially if it is lightweight or too small. Car floor mats should be fixed underneath the brake pedal and should not move. There are various methods to secure the mats in the car and prevent them from sliding. Here are some:

  • Find heavy-duty mats: lightweight car mats tend to slide more. Avoid mats that are too thin because they slide around more easily. Heavy mats are not expensive and there are a lot of models and brands.Β 
  • Apply adhesive or tape: there’s a special tape for maintaining car mats in place. Unlike the standard tape, this one has adhesive on both sides to keep the carpet attached. Remove the mat and put some strips strategically on the car frame. The mat will not detach as the tape holds.Β 
  • Purchase floor car clips: they are designed to prevent mats from sliding. Clips stick the mat into place for longer and are more durable than carpet tapes.Β 
  • Screw the mat in: it is possible to attach the mat by driving a few screws into the footwell. Drill your car frame in the middle and put a bold in it. Then, secure the mat over there. You can also place up to 4 bolts on each corner of the frame to clinch the carpet.

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