How to clean sassafras mats?

Β Sassafras mats are only installed at the entrance to welcome visitors. These mats are decorative and are generally rubberized with a skid-resistant backing. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe both sides, so they don’t wear off rapidly and lose grip. The cleaning process for sassafras mats is the same as for rubber gym and car mats.Β 

Since sassafras rugs are colorful, they call for regular maintenance. You can hose them or remove the dust off with a vacuum cleaner, considering they are exposed to footprints. If they aren’t dusty enough, sweeping and mopping can work. Still, the best cleaning method is using a vacuum cleaner, as it is more labor-saving.  

Use soft detergent to get rid of stains and crumbs that are sticky. Do not pour too much soap but enough amount to clean dirty spots. While you can also use a dampened piece of cloth to wipe manually, it is not practical. Do not forget to sun dry them after cleaning. You can expose them to the sun or leave them at the doorstep, and they will be dry in minutes.Β 

If it is a coir sassafras mat, avoid pouring strong detergents, because they leave marks. Use water and let it soak, or dry using a vacuum cleaner. 

Switch sassafras mats are better than single-sided mats. Always pick up sassafras models with a rubberized backing.

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