How to clean rubber door mats?

Rubber doormats require consistent cleaning at least three times a week. If you have a smart robot, make sure its wheels do not scratch the rubber. This kind of carpet generally scratches in contact with wheels.Β 

Do not wash the mats with harsh detergents, instead, use more gentle ones. Rubber mats can dry in the sun or in a low setting. You don’t need to wash it with soap daily even if they are stained. They are low-maintenance. 

Never use heat when drying rubber mats because it can melt them. Hang them in an environment where the sunlight strikes them.

Wiping the dirt off of rubber floor mats can take around two minutes with a cleaning machine. If you are using a robot, make sure to double-check it didn’t leave marks or detergent on them. If the rugs are not filthy, dust them off by hitting them against the floor or by sweeping them. They are rarely fully clean dirty as people constantly tread them.Β 

You can also hose the mats for cleaning. Remove the carpet from the entrance and hose it. Tiny mats that are put at the doorsteps are best cleaned with a broom and with water and soap. They get dried in minutes.  

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