How to clean floor mats for cars?

Car mat cleaning is important because it helps remove the grime left by shoe soles. It also eliminates the garbage that falls to the floor without one’s realizing. Follow these steps to achieve a complete car carpet cleaning:

  • The mat must be out of the car. Never clean when it is installed. Most drivers make the mistake of mopping it inside.Β 
  • Whack the mat against the floor to get off the debris. Things like chewing gums and stains cannot be removed by hitting the mat against the floor, but it dusts it at least.Β 
  • Hose it: it is best to wash the carpet with a hose to rid up the crumbs. Do not use soap in the beginning.Β 
  • Now, wash with soap: use detergents and sanitizers to get microbes off. If the mat stinks, it will not smell bad anymore. Soap is very useful to wipe old sticky grime.
  • Use the hose again: point the hose at the mat to rinse off the dirty soap. Use the maximum steam pressure for the best and quickest results.Β 
  • Dry the mats by hanging them on a railing or coat hanger. Do not put the mats together on a railing. Hold on until they are not wet anymore.Β 
  • Vacuum-clean the mats: use a handheld vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to remove the mat from the vehicle when using this device. The suction power will save time.Β 

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