How to clean cricut mats with Awesome?

Awesome is a spray for cleaning stains on carpets and cricut mats. It is the new choice for homeowners seeking to get rid of skidmarks. Awesome comes in as an affordable choice that delivers deep cleaning and freshens the ambient. You can buy this spray in any dollar store. 

Cleaning cricut mats with Awesome is the same as washing with other soaps. Sprinkle Awesome on the mat, especially on the areas that have gunk. Let it sit for a minute and with a squeegee, start rubbing to remove the dust and blots. Next, pour some water and wipe the detergent away with a towel or paper towel. Awesome gets the marks off in a matter of minutes. 

If you are not fond of towels and stiff-bristle brushes, use an all-in-one sponge to absorb the wetness, yet it is always best to have a stiff brush to remove the gunk. Baby wipes also do a good job but less efficiently. 

Spray Awesome on the mat and let it soak for a minute. Then, use the sponge to cleanse the mat by pressing on the surface while rubbing. Sponges are more suited to clean stains and marks are unlikely to appear.

When using a brush, ensure it has stiff bristles. Spray Awesome and let it for a minute to brush the debris off. Brush softly to prevent scratches and marks.

The same process applies when there are too many sticky blots. If the problem persists and stains don’t want to go, do more washings.

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