How to clean car mats without hose?

No matter the material the mat is made of, get it out of the car before cleaning. Water can damage the interior of the car if you do the washing inside. Plus, washing the mats inside the vehicle is uncomfortable and makes it hard to reach all spots. 

But there are ways to clean car mats without a hose. The best way is by using a handheld vacuum cleaner with a power capacity of 160 watts. Portable cleaning machines are handier because of their localized suction that does not crack the mat. Plus, they don’t use heat to dry. 

If you prefer manual work, get the rug out of your car and shake it repeatedly. This helps dust the mat and remove the garbage from it. Car mats usually gather plastic, chewing gum, paper, and aluminum pieces, but these things come off after whacking the mats to the floor. Use a rag to finish off the work by cleaning the stains and wiping off the dust. Also use a gentle soap to eliminate bad odors. 

Likewise, baking soda is a powder that works wonders for car mat cleaning. Mix a little water with one or two teaspoons of baking soda, and brush the carpet. This material only works on car rubber mats. 

But whenever you brush the mats, use a stiff-bristle brush. Shampoo is also efficient and helps in sanitizing the car. 

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