Dad Discovers His Rare Pokรฉmon Card Collection Is Now Worth ยฃ35,000

From Sutton Coldfield, a Dad is giving an interesting statement about the increased worth of the Pokรฉmon card. He is committing that in the present times, all of his Pokรฉmon card collection are of ยฃ35,000 in their worth.

The dad also states that the cards were useless when they were given to him. Back in 1999, he was rewarded with these cards by his mother.  He gave some of his best cards to the brother.

Nigel is now married and has three children. He adds that his younger brother, Jeremy, came into the house for showing his new Pokรฉmon card. He got these new cards by trading with some kids in the street.

I was somehow known from the way from which they got the cards. That is why they traded the cards with my younger brother because the cards which he was having were the rareโ€.

However, my brother was then sad about what has happened. While, mom was noticing all this and she wanted me to handle the situation as I was the elder brother.

No matter what, I wanted to take back our cards so I searched for the clever kids. That was something exciting for my brother and as well as for my mom. In the result of which my mom rewarded me with a great presentation of the rare Pokรฉmon, card collection. The present was special because it was directly from the creators of Pokรฉmon from the US, which was about ยฃ300โ€.

He also added, honestly at that time he was not interested in having these Pokรฉmon cards. He was much disappointed because he felt that his birthday gift has been wasted because of these cards collection.

Furthermore, he never realized that these cards are going to increase their worth this much, and this is amazing. Luckily, their worth is now ยฃ35,000 and after having them for complete 20 years, we are now selling them. Our focus is to sell this collection to a collector who will make them a priority and will take care of them.

all of the cards which I have are in more than better condition to give anyone. And the special thing is that we bought them directly from the creator therefore, the cards are originalโ€. For confirmation, he mentioned about the creators, Wizards of the Coast. All of the cards, which he is having, are the very first edition by the creators.

“My girl Layla loves Pokรฉmon and wanted to get them every last bit of me for ยฃ6 โ€“ I am sure she will understand in the future that why I just rejected to have these.

It is a difficult part for me because there is a doubt in my mind that the worth will increase in the coming 20 years.

As my children are in their growing age, and like all parents, I want to give them a royal type of living with all of the cash