Best touch screen monitor for drawing Consuer reports

The best touch screen monitors for drawing are also splendid for regular use and business. They are quite immersive and eliminate the need of using the mouse and the keyboard to tap into most functions. They are touchscreens. 

Because of this, you can operate them faster and more smoothly. In the past, this technology was only present in laptops and tablets, but now, they are available for desktops and TVs

They are also screens that do not use too much energy and have a sleeker design that improves the connectivity with other devices like gaming laptops, TV, and consoles. They come in handy for photo editing and manage a wider range of graphic-demanding activities. 

In this article, we’re reviewing the best touch screen monitors for drawing and will learn to use them. 

What’s the best touch screen monitor for drawing?

The best touch screen monitor for drawing is, for one, the XP-Pen Artist22e, for the functionality that fulfills the needs of most digital artists. This device, which has a 21.5” display, includes 3 ports which are for USB, VGA, and HDMI. This means it is compatible with not-so-new laptops and desktops. 

Aside from that, it features an 8192 levels pressure pen and hosts more customizable keys than other models on this list. While other tablets presents 6 or 8 custom keys, the XP-Pen Artist22e features 16. 

It is also oriented to left-handed users who ofttimes struggle to find the right tablet. The machine can run tons of streaming apps like YouTube, Skype, and Zoom.

Comparison of Best touch screen monitor for drawing Consumer reports

1. XP-PEN Artist pro

The XP-Pen Artist Pro Touch is a screen monitor for drawing that is 21.5” and has 16 express keys. It is an IPS screen that includes a 8192 level pen. This device is black and its total dimensions are 22.32 x 12.83 x 1.18 inches with 8.9 pounds of weight. It connects to other devices via USB, VGA and HDMI. 

The XP-Pen Artist22E Pro Touch is intended for designers and certain activities such as drawing and photo editing. The gadget is designed to satisfy the needs of all digital artists. 

It features 16 customizable keys. 


  • 266 RPS.
  • 8192 pressure levels for more precision. 
  • Aimed at left-handed and right-handed users. 
  • It meets the requirements of all digital artists. 
  • 92% color gamut. 
  • Great for photo editing, drawing, and doing sketches. 
  • It can be installed different types of software.
  • It supports 4K. 
  • Anti-glare. 


  • It is hard to get accustomed to the nib. 
  • No option to change to screen guard yet. 

Verdict: the XP-Pen Artist22E Pro Touch is a touchscreen for drawing that can work as a dual monitor. While the size of this device seems sufficient to render 4K, it fails a little when set to 21.5″ IPS Full HD. Good price.


The HUION KAMVAS 20 is a 19.5” monitor with a tilt function and battery-free pen. It features a Stylus pen and has 8192 pressure levels as the XP-Pen Artist22E Pro. It measures 18.7 x 11.73 x 1.38 inches and weighs 7.92 pounds and comes with an HDMI cable, USB cable, and power cable. It is black.

To improve the precision when sketching, the HUION KAMVAS 20 offers +60 tilt support. Compared with the model above, it provides 50% more of color gamut, featuring 120% sRGB. Additionally, it displays 16.7 million colors, which significantly reduces color difference.

It likewise offers a 178-degree viewing angle and a 20-80 degree adjustable. All this gives more comfort and drives down color disparity. 


  • Classic slider design. 
  • Greater color gamut (16.7 million colors).
  • Battery-free stylus nib. 
  • It is thought to last. 
  • Anti-glass and anti-glare technology. 
  • It gives the sensation of drawing on paper. 
  • The HUION KAMVAS 20 runs Windows 7 and up. 


  • Not screen laminated. 
  • It is not quite precise when drawing angled artworks. 

Verdict: the HUION KAMVAS 20 is a touchscreen monitor for drawing that is definitely fitting for fast drawing and artwork. Ghosting shows when moving elements across. 

3. XP-PEN Artist12 Pro

The XP-Pen Artist12 Pro is a tiny panel of 11.6” that offers 8 shortcut keys and a tilt function battery-free stylus. It is fully laminated and contains 8192 levels of pen pressure. The monitor has 72% color gamut, is 13.84 x 8.87 x 0.51 inches and weighs 3.31 pounds. 

Despite its seemingly unique features, it only relies on the USB connectivity option. The XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro feels like drawing on paper, combining the glass and the screen. It is equipped with a 3-1 cable to use as a charger or USB. Great for professional drawing, designing, and doodling. 


  • The pen provides more precision when lining finely. 
  • The X-Pen Artist 12 Pro feels like drawing on paper. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • It doesn’t cause eye fatigue.
  • Perfect for professional drawing but also for teaching kids to draw, because it is ideal for doodling. 
  • Ergonomic dial and pencil. 


  • Bad customer support. 
  • Not standalone. 
  • Setup on a Mac can take time. 

Verdict: the X-Pen Artist 12 Pro is a small drawing tablet that suits animators, designers, engineers, and kids. The keys are easy to customize, however, it may be tough to pair it with a Mac. Pick it up if you are a beginner with small hands. 

4. GAOMON PD screen monitor for drawing

The GAOMON PD220 is a screen monitor for drawing that presents a full-laminated screen and an 8292 pen. It is 21.5” and provides plus or minus 60% tilt support. It comes with 8 shortcut touch keys to make it easier to deal with tasks.  

The color gamut of the GAOMON PD220 is also amazing. It has 92%NTSC and 16.7 million colors. The resolution of this device is 1920×1080, and it is not standalone. On a side note, it works only for Windows and iOS, and no other OS is permitted. 

The GAOMON PD220 is a useful tool for designing, teaching, doodling and sketching. It is likewise accepts programs such as Skype, Udemy, KHAN, Bloc, Coursera, and other streaming services. 


  • Suited to run a wide variety of streaming programs and apps.
  • The GAOMON PD220 is not solely intended for design. 
  • 3 ports. 
  • 21.5”. 
  • Anti-glare. 
  • Glass cover plate. 
  • Display panel. 
  • 178-degree view angle. 
  • HD-Full laminated screen. 


  • Not standalone. 
  • The power key should be moved. 

Verdict: the GAOMON PD220 is hands-down a good alternative for all levels. Run it as an administrator when setting it up to avoid installation problems. Ideal for those who seek Cintiq quality tablet on a low-budget. 

5. XP-PEN Artist12 screen monitor for drawing

The XP-PEN Artist12 is a screen monitor that has an 11.6” display and features a Glove 8192 pressure pen. The device comes with a battery-free multi-function pen. It is 14.33 x 8.58 x 0.31 inches thick and weighs 2 pounds, which means it’s lighter than other tables with similar dimensions. 

Besides, it is equipped with an HDMI and a USB port for charging and more connectivity. While this tablet is not a standalone product, it is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows and Linux. It can be synched with Windows 32/64 bits and does not have the 8 typical shortcut keys but 6. 


  • Everything is customizable on the XPen Artist12. The pen, the display, and the touch bar for easy handling. 
  • The PN06 has a digital eraser. 
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It runs the latest operating systems very well. 
  • Great for sketching and designing in Illustrator, Photoshop, SAI, and Painter. 
  • The panel is also suited for most streaming services such as YouTube, Zoom, and ezTalks, which facilitate online teaching. 


  • Fewer shortcut keys than other models. 
  • Not a standalone item. You need external support. 

Verdict: the XP-PEN Artist12 comes in handy for a range of editing and designing apps. Animators can designers can use it for drawing and 3D sculpting. 

6. XP-PEN Artist15.6

The XP- Pen Artist15.6 is a monitor for drawing that contains a pen of 8192 pressure levels, a red dial and a tilt function. This device is also a full-laminated screen, measures 15.6 inches and weighs 3.3 pounds. The XP-Pen Artist 15.6 comes with 2 ports. 

It displays 16.7 million colors at an accuracy of 120% rGBS. This screen provides a visual angle of 178 degrees and has a stylus that is battery-free and guarantees less physical effort while sketching and drawing. All its components are very intuitive. 


  • PA2 battery-free stylus. 
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflective display, which reduces the eye fatigue. 
  • 120% rRGBS. 
  • A red dial ready to customize. 
  • Slim profile. 
  • Fully-laminated technology. 
  • 8192 levels pressure sensitivity. 


  • Compatible with Mac OS X but not with Linux. 
  • No support for Unbutu and Mint. 

Verdict: the XP Artist 15.6 PRO is a useful asset for drawing with no parallax and without the risk of scratches. Photoshop and Illustrator are among the programs it runs best.