Best monitors for gaming under 150

If we look at the best monitors for gaming under 150, we cop onto the fact they are mostly curved, ultra slim, and multi-purpose. The top brands that make affordable monitors for gameplays are AOC, LG, and Acer. 150-dollar screens for gaming are also very common and can be found in any online store or Amazon as we’ll see below. Other brands are Phillips, Sceptre, and BenQ. 

Generally, a gaming panel at 150 bucks features a higher refresh rate than ordinary models. So, you will unlikely get broken frames and screen tearing in PS3 and some fast-paced games. Most are curved and protect against eye strain, albeit not as efficiently as 1000-dollar monitors do. 

Regarding the size, they are big enough. The average size can range from 23 to 27 inches, however, but 23.6-inch screens are the best sellers. Do they display at 4K? No, they don’t. They deliver images at 2K.  

Below an overview of the best monitors for gaming under 150. Which has the best rate?

Comparison of the Best monitors for gaming under 150

1. AOC C24G

The AOC C24G1A is a 24-inch monitor with FreeSync Premium and FHD 1980x1080p resolution. It is height adjustable and comes with VA. It is a fast panel that supports 144Hz and offers a 1ms response rate. Besides being good for gaming, this monitor does the trick for professional activities and daily tasks. It has 165Hz refresh rate and it is curved. 

This 24-inch panel provides a 23.6-inch viewable display. It is quite immersive and has all the elements for immersive gaming. The device stands on FreeSync to portray clean and flicker-free images without lag. The field of vision is also impressive with almost invisible bezels. 

The AOC C24G1A comes with an adjustable, stand, pivot, and swivel, which allows for pivot maneuvering. Apart from that, it can be mounted on the wall, it is compatible with Vesa, and saves space. 


  • 119.76% sRGB.
  • Comes with VA. 
  • 119.76% sRGB, which is a huge color coverage typical of high-range models. 
  • Adjustable pivot, swivel, and stand to expand the viewable field. 
  • The monitor fits desks, tables, and chairs.
  • It is compatible with wall mounts. 
  • The screen reduces quantum dots. 
  • FreeSync. 
  • Slim bezel. 


  • The device might have some light bleeding. 
  • The gamut coverage is imprecise. Users report a 99.7% color gamut, which is still fine. 

Verdict: The AOC C24G1A is a frameless screen with high color coverage that surpasses most monitors at $150. The panel uses quantum technology to eradicate quantum dots, so the images are displayed with clarity. It lacks some white uniformity, though. 

2. MSI Optix G24

The MSI Optix G241VC is a 24-inch display that offers a 75Hz refresh rate and 1980x1080p resolution. This panel is one of the swiftest with 1ms of response rate. It is curved and has an anti-glare crystal to prevent eye fatigue. The FreeSync technology allows it to run PS4 titles and some of the fastest PC games. 

Its slim bezel expands the field of vision. The curved design makes it ideal for long-haul sessions of gaming. The MSI G241VC provides pictures in true colors, offering NTSC 85% and sRGB 110%. This is a low rate in comparison to the AOC C24G1A. Yet, there’s no such a big difference gap. 

The viewing angle of 178Β° is the same as in most pricey screens. This model is geared towards low-budget gamers who seek visuals that equal monitors under 500. 


  • Ideal for sports and fast-pacing games. 
  • Good refresh rate for such a budget. 
  • Wide viewing angle that allows for more comfort when gaming. 
  • This screen can reduce stuttering in some titles that are graphic-demanding. 
  • Images are hands-down more realistic than in other monitors, with dark and light colors looking sharp.
  • It includes night vision modes to adjust brightness in dark and lit environments. 


  • Less color coverage.
  • The screen does not spin. 

Verdict: the MSI G241VC renders 1980x1080p resolution and sharper blacks and whites. This model is clearly ahead of other screens under 150 regarding sRGB and realism. It lacks speakers. 

3. Sceptre C248

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN is a 24-inch gaming monitor, which is compatible with Vesa and offers FULL HD 1080p resolution. It also comes with an HDMI and a VGA port. It was launched in 2019.

This Sceptre device has a round stand that guarantees more stability. It also has its best performance in action games and racing titles. If you run dark-hued games, it will deepen blacks. This 150-dollar monitor features 75Hz refresh rate. 

Besides, the eye-care technology minimizes the impact of the blue light caused by unfiltered brightness. Plus, it can be mounted on Vesa or be hanged on the wall with another mounting system. It is flicker-free.

With a lamp life of 30,000+ hours, this gadget is thought to last. And despite it can work on older operating systems, it essentially supports Windows 10. 


  • Wall-mounted. 
  • Flicker and tear free. 
  • Eye- care technology.
  • Curved. 
  • Lasting lamp lifespan. 
  • Optimal for racing and shooter games. 
  • For Windows 10. 
  • The C248W-1920RN does include built-in speakers. 
  • Bezel-free.
  • 5-degree tilt. The monitor can move backward and forward at a wide angle. 


  • Sometimes, it only has 60Hz refresh rate depending on the game and graphics. 

Verdict: the Sceptre C248W-1920RN is a 1080p resolution display manufactured to last. It is curved and may not offer the refresh rate shown in the description at times. It is not metalized. 

4. Dell SE2-417

The Dell SE2-417HGX is a low-budget screen for gaming, which comes with FreeSync and Led back light. This monitor is smaller than the other models with 23.6 inches of size. Despite this, it is very versatile and presents various height adjustments. The resolution is above par, displaying at FHD 1920 x 1080. This device cannot provide more than 60Hz at 1080. 

Aside from these features, it has an anti-glare crystal to cover the eyes from excess brightness. The Dell SE2-417HGX comes in handy for games that involve flames and too shiny visual effects. 

The bezel is not thin enough but it doesn’t prevent it from looking stylish and trendy. This panel is a great fit for rooms and offices.

Although it is not curved, the flat figure is reinforced with ComfortView. 


  • 2 HDMI ports.
  • VGA.
  • Great to play action and adventure games. 
  • Unbeatable resolution. 
  • ComfortView. 
  • High refresh rate for VGA. 
  • AMD Radeon FreeSyncTM that reduces broken frames. 
  • Elegant design.
  • Useful for movies. 
  • Low blue-light technology. 


  • Not curved. This is a disadvantage. 
  • Not smart color adjustments. 
  • No tilt adjustments. It remains in a fixed position. 

Verdict: While the design of the Dell SE2-417HGX seems mainstream, it is actually a high-end monitor that provides the essentials for gaming at a low cost. It includes blue light technology and performs for general purpose. This panel cannot tilt or spin. 

5.Sceptre E279

This gaming monitor is the largest of this list with 27 inches. It is black and has a round stand. The screen seems bezeless and was created to highlight bright colors. It displays at Full HD 1920 x 1080 and has a refresh rate of 75 Hertz. The FreeSync technology helps with high-frame gameplays by sweeping stuttering and ghosting. 

The device is seemingly best for action games and graphic design, as it excels at highlighting brightness. It likewise presents two HDMI ports, 1 audio input, and a VGA port. The audio input may not be necessary, since it has built-in speakers. The E279W-19203 is a big and comprehensive monitor for gameplays, which does not require external speakers. 

If you are looking for a budget monitor for business, school or work, this model is a good option. It also has an anti-flicker and anti-glare crystal. 


  • 2 HDMI ports for more connectivity options. 
  • You don’t require external speakers. 
  • Best for racing titles. 
  • Suited for other activities that imply designing. 
  • High brightness rate.
  • HDMI 75Hz refresh rate. 
  • AMD Raden FreeSync that ensures picture clarity and smoothness. 
  • It offers mirroring capabilities. 
  • Tilt at 15 degrees.


  • The HDMI cable is too short. 
  • You can’t do video-streaming because it has no camera. 
  • No Bluetooth function. 

Verdict: although the E279W-19203 is great for gaming, it lacks some features. It doesn’t have a cam and Bluetooth, which are vital for streaming. The HDMI 75Hz rate is sufficient to play games in HD and watch movies at home. It has a standard design. 

What is the best 4k gaming monitor that’s cheap?

Sadly, there are arguably no cheap monitors that render 4K, however, a good one that can suit most budgets is the G 27GN950-B. This gadget displays at 3840 x 2160p and offers 1ms of response rate. This is enough to watch 4K movies at 4K without screen tearing and run gameplays at 75Hz HDMI. It has HDMI Adaptive, which means the resolution changes depending on graphics, motion, frames, and lighting. 

The G 27GN950-B is one of the cheapest and most efficient monitor models with prices around $1000, but its G-Sync and Free-Sync are worth the money. In addition to that, it reduces eye strain thanks because it has an eye-care system. The VP28UQG is a low-budget designed for long-haul gameplays. 

To get the most out of this monitor, use it at 60Hz. The panel has all one needs to watch 4K movies and work on photo editing. It has 8,475.3:1 contrast ratio that makes blacks look even blacker. 

The G 27GN950-B costs around $1000- $1160. 

What is a good cheap monitor for gaming under 150?

Today, there are plenty of monitors that do an amazing job at 150 dollars or less. One of the panels that fulfill most particular gamers is the Sceptre C248W-1920RN. This is likewise a very new model that was released in 2019. 

It is a 24-inch gaming screen that displays at 1080p and is compatible with Vesa mounting (not so with VSC Vesa technology). This monitor has a variety of adjustment modes that make it even more versatile. Not only is it well mounted, but it can also be on desks or chairs without a problem. 

The Sceptre C248W has a respectable refresh rate of 75Hz, which is only possible in HDMI. Regarding VGA, the screen’s refresh rate goes down to 60Hz, which is OK and normal in panels within this price bracket. 

It is also intended to hold 30,000 hours of use and includes built-in speakers. Finally, it counts on eye-care technology that works similarly to smart brightness. This device is curved and has height modes. 

It is necessary to emphasize it can’t run 4K games, unless you set it to 25Hz. But it won’t be 4K anyway. 

What is a good cheap gaming monitor with 144Hz?

If you seek to play games at 144Hz, a 150-dollar monitor is not a good choice. No monitor at this price can deliver images at 4K, as their maximum resolution capacity is 2K (1920x1080p). But there are affordable options that allow for gaming at 144Hz like the AOC C24G1A. This monitor is one of the cheapest 2K gaming panels on the market and also one of the most reputable. The display offers G-Sync and FreeSync, being the former absent in all cheap models. 

It is important to make clear that most 150-dollar monitors do not provide more than HDMI 75Hz. Compared to other 100-dollar screens, the AOC C24G1A is twice the better. On top of that, it is curved. 

The screen performs outstandingly at 60Hz. Great sRGB of 119.76%. 

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