Best mechanical pencil for carpentry

A mechanical pencil for carpentry is a type of pencil used for woodworking. This pencil is designed to write on wood and makes it easy to perform smooth writing in construction and architecture. A mechanical pencil for carpentry is undeniably more resistant than any regular pencil we use to write on paper. 

Mechanical pencils are suitable for beginners and experts. Choosing this utensil can be somewhat tricky. In this blog, we’ll give you tips to make your decision easier. 

This pencil is sturdy and reliable. These tools are generally not made of wood but have stainless steel and metal components. Some models are even made from aluminum. 

However, you can find plastic mechanical pencils for carpentry on the market, as well. The plastic is hard and protects the pencil from damage and cracks. 

Check out these mechanical pencils for carpentry. 

Best mechanical pencil for carpentry

Striker 2

Although it is not the best pencil for carpenters, Striker 2 can help in woodworking jobs. It is not sharp but ergonomic. People say it is not durable as other pencils. Striker 2 should be used with care, or it breaks, according to some users. It has 4 stars because of its versatility and ergonomics. 

The mechanical pencil has parts to clear jams due to dirt and grime. It is neither big nor small and only weighs 0.08 lbs. It comes with accessories and is also easy to have in hand, facilitating the wood work. The lead is hard and resistant, but if you want to write on wet wood, it probably won’t work properly. Sometimes, you need to press to write on certain woods, especially if they are damp. 

The lead of this pencil writes softly. The mines retract seamlessly and the device needs no sharpening. The clamping device holds properly.  

What we like

  • Excellent lead
  • Lightweight
  • Up to repair technicians
  • Durable, but this depends on the type of work you do
  • Comes with a refill tube

What we dislike

  • Can be break if you are too harsh on it
  • The lead is not as sharp as the lead of other mechanical pencils


Striker 2 is a mechanical pencil for DYIers. It is soft, writes smoothly, and the lead does not break easily. It is also easy to refill. 

Thorvald mechanical pencil

Thorvald slides on trailer decks, concrete, and metals. Thorvald is a versatile mechanical pencil for professional carpenters. According to users, it has nothing to envy from other pencils, as it marks well, is accurate, and won’t break as easy as Striker 2. It includes 2B lead that marks clearly on many surfaces. Thorvald can be used by people who do brickwork. 

This models distinguishes itself from others on Amazon for its accuracy, practicability, and solidity, thus it is recommended for professionals. The lead is red and 6mm thick. It can be used as a regular pencil, and supports hard and soft leads. 

Apart from that, it is easy to hold and slides smoothly. It is neither cheap nor expensive, so with this pencil, you get what you paid for. You don’t need a knife or a tool to sharpen the lead, as it comes with a sharpener. Plus, it is so cheap that you can buy two.

What we like

  • Value for money 
  • Durable leads
  • Includes a sharpener
  • For all kinds of wood work and brickwork
  • Affordable
  • You can write on paper too

What we dislike

  • Hard leads


Thorvald is accurate and versatile. It writes clearly and you don’t need a knife to sharpen its leads. It writes on metal.