What is the best mat for slippery shower floors

What is the best mat for slippery shower floors

Bathroom ceramic is by nature slippery, so the best bath mat has to be non-slip, since you can fall and get hurt. That is not nice at all, but painful. It must absorb moisture, so when someone comes out of the shower and cleans their feet, it must function as an absorbent mat, otherwise it is a waste of money.

Sometimes it happens that these objects are so fine that they do not help with absorption, but rather look like a cloth on the floor.

Placing decorative rugs in the bathroom is something that will give it a different and elegant touch. For this, it is necessary that the mat be of good quality, brand, and at the same time of affordable price to take care of your pocket. 

Mayshine bath mat

Mayshine is a great rug to decorate and equip your bathroom. It is available in charcoal gray, perfect to avoid stains. In addition, it includes another mat for the toilet area.

This mat for slippery shower floors is made of microfiber that is soft to the touch and super absorbent. The design features a 6cm inner sponge that relieves the pressure and fatigue of tired feet. Additionally, it has a non-slip bottom to prevent falls and accidents.

Its size adapts easily to any space. The best thing is the durability, even after several washes you will notice that it maintains a great appearance.

Mayshine reduces the risks of falls and accidents, which is a priority to keep your home safe. It is a good bath mat that has a non-slip base designed to stick to slippery shower floors even when the surface of the tiles is wet.

It has a textured base that creates traction between the mat and the ground, which will prevent slips and accidents, especially for the most vulnerable family members such as children and the elderly.

On top of that, Mayshine can be placed outside the bathtub, like many other rubber mats for showers on the market.

What is the best bath mat?

The bathroom is the first thing you should measure to know what size you are going to buy, perhaps the rugs seem larger or smaller to you by visual calculation.

Something that adds to this point of necessary aspects is that the carpet does absorb moisture, the main reason why a product of these is acquired. Cotton, polyester, microfiber, bamboo, and memory foam permeate water very well.

Other mats are made of nylon, something that gives them durability, although they are also made with teak wood, a material that makes them last and resist more.

The softness that it will bring to your feet, cleanliness and color are details that should not be overlooked.

How to choose the best bath mat?

Besides being functional tools, mats for slippery shower floors are also ornamental accessories that provide the user with an easy and inexpensive opportunity to play with the shapes, themes and colors of the shower décor.

A good bath mat will make the daily action of getting out of the bathtub more practical, safe and pleasant … That is why it is important to choose a model that is suitable in size, style and functionality that naturally adapts to your space.

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