Best mat cutter for photography

The Photo Frame Mat Cutter gives you the highest performance in the field at minimal value. A frame is simply a painting with a hole where you can put some other image. We are going to talk about the photo mat cutter, Logan 350-1 from Elite, which stands out among the best.

What is the best mat cutter for photography?


This cutter is a baseboard hinging guide rail scaled production stop and a parallel map guide also included as a squaring bar and a measuring bar with stop. It also comes with a push style bevel cutting head that features a start and stop indicator.

It also has nylon guides that allow you to hook the cutting head on to the side of the guide rail.Β  Also included is a three depth position straight cutter. This also has guides that allow the cutting head to hook onto the side of the guide rail.

It is likewise theΒ cheapestΒ you will find online. The Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter is versatile. This tool is portable 32 “(81cm) capacity and it is a mat cutter that provides professional and affordable results.Β 

The Logan 350-1 works wonders with photographic paper and as a photo mat cutter, but for normal paper it is not useful. The blades and everything is designed for cardboard (passepartout). Most people use it to cut paspatout and photography.Β 

This is because it brings two cutters, one with a conventional cut and the other that cuts visel. If one of the components get damaged, you can pick up spare parts from Logan: model 270-10. 5 blades come with this mat cutter for photos.Β 

This shear is very convenient to assemble and disassemble when needed as well as for small-scale framing. The Logan 350-1 Compact elite mat cutter is recommended for anyone interested in doing it at home without spending too much.

This machine is very easy. And more than that, the results are remarkable. If you’ve ever wondered how your local picture framing shop cuts mounts, it’s probably with one of these. The rulers and guides on the machine are really accurate.Β 

The 5 extra blades help a lot.Β