Best finish for cypress wood

Best finish for cypress wood. Cypress is a popular wood used for flooring and has many other applications. It is a type of wood that requires maintenance from time to time. Happily, there are sealants and dirt removers that do a splendid job cleaning and removing the mildew from its surface.

In order to clear and remove undesired stuff from the cypress surface, you need waxes and tools to do it. Most of the time, you will require applying more than a single coat to sort this problem out. These products usually work on cypress and other wood types, thus there are no exclusive products for this kind of material. Just make sure you purchase that permeates deeply into the cypress floor or surface. 

The good news is that cypress contains cypress oil, which keeps it in good condition for longer. This wood is resistant to harsh weather conditions and humidity. The cypress oil protects it. Despite this, it is best to leave this wood in its natural state and not apply many coats of paint to it regularly. 

In this article, we’ll get insights into two cypress sealers, which are honestly not exclusive to this type of wood. Anyway, read and find out which sealant or wax can do a better job for you. 

Best finish for cypress wood

Howard Products FW0016

Howard FW0016 is a wax that works wonders on cypress and other types of wood. It uses a formula that contains Beeswax and Carnauba wax. Howard extends the life of use of cypress maintaining its beauty and keeping it from drying and fading. Basically, this product contains oils that act positively on cypress giving the wood a top finish. 

In addition to that, it adds depth to finished and unfinished wood. You can use it not only on the floor but also on accessories that made of cypress and look old, such as doors, trims, and kitchen tables. You can apply this finish to any type of wood, but it has better performance on cypress. 

Howard FW0016 polishes the wood and protects it from the wear caused by the people who pass through it. The product makes wood more durable and keeps the finish almost intact at least for some years. It doesn’t contain silicone. 

What we like

  • Contains oil
  • Versatile, since it polishes cypress and other surfaces
  • Ideal for old objects made of cypress
  • It protects against fading and cracking
  • Combines beeswax and carnauba wax

What we dislike

  • Not food safe
  • Gives you little time to scrub the floor


Overall, Howard Products FW0016 is a safe and user-friendly product. It conditions the wood and repairs it in no time. Not many complaints.

Bona Mega

Bona Mega is an eco-friendly floor finish that dries fast and offers excellent flow and leveling work. It polishes and removes stains that could be taking the beauty off the wood. It also has exceptional build and clarity. This finish dries after 3 hours.

What distinguishes Bona Mega from other finishes is its performance in environments with a lot of traffic. The finish is intended for commercial and residential use, however, this is one of the finishes that entrepreneurs use in the commercial field. 

Bona Mega is oxygen-crosslinking and waterborne. As Bona Mega uses an oxygen-based formula, it is really fast to deliver quality finishing results and bring back the beauty of cypress. 

The formula is simple to use and does not have chemicals that fade or discolor the cypress after several uses. It is not smelly and environmentally friendly. You won’t realize you’ve applied Bona Mega, as it is completely odorless. 

What we like

  • Completely odorless
  • For professional and home use
  • Ease of use
  • Immediate results
  • Delivers an ultra-smooth finish after 5-6 coats 

What we dislike

  • Not cheap
  • You will need gloves for safety reasons


While Bona Mega is not the cheapest floor finish, it is, for one, one of the best. It is recommended for working on old cypress and hiding imperfections on it.