Best doormat for cleaning shoes

The soil accumulates a huge amount of pathogens for various reasons, especially in large cities. Since shoe soles are in direct contact with the floor, they are a source of infection that we should avoid getting into the home or office.

One of the most interesting hygiene measures is not to use street shoes at home, or if there is no other choice, as happens in shops, offices and other public places, there are solutions on the market such as disinfectant mats or mats for cleaning shoes.

These mats have a system that when treading them, they wet the shoe soles with a disinfectant solution (hydroalcoholic solution, with a% bleach or specific soap or detergent. For this reason, they are usually placed in the entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms. Still, they are mostly put on the doorstep for cleaning the shoes of the people who get in.Β 

Mats like LOSTRONAUT eliminate the pollutants shoes drag. That is why it is usually used in the prevention of epidemics in farms, zoos, pharmaceutical industry, food, etc. Regarding disinfectant solutions, a solution of water with disinfectant alcohol or a product with a similar function is usually recommended for these mats.Β 

Unlike traditional rugs, doormats for cleaning are designed to be placed on the entryway, so that people can clean themselves or even leave their shoes before entering. With so many options available on the market, be sure you check out this article to understand everything about the best mat for cleaning shoes: LOSTRONAUT.Β 

If the mat is going to be in an outdoor uncovered area, opt for a waterproof model. To avoid slipping or falling, give preference to mats with a non-slip base like Lostronaut. Today, you can find a wide variety of styles and patterns, so choose the one that best suits your decoration and personality.

The following doormat is ideal to prevent people from entering your home with dirty or wet shoes and dirtying the floor. Keep reading this review to find out more.Β 


Lostronaut is a two-section sanitizing shoe mat. It has a black section that contains and absorbs the disinfectant liquid. This section is made of 100% polypropylene. On the other side, it has a gray section made to dry the sole of your footwear. This part is made of 100% polyester.

It is a foot bath antibacterial disinfectant mat, which cleans and eliminates all pollutants thanks to the liquid added to the rubber tray. Lostronaut is ideal for homes, offices, and shops.

This sanitizing shoe mat has a heavy non-slip rubber base to prevent movements when rubbing the soles. Suitable for use as an exterior or interior doormat.

For use, pour disinfectant liquid or a bleach solution on the dark colored part. Step on the sanitizing mat on the dark side and then step on the gray side to dry your footwear and avoid getting dirty on entering or slipping.

You can use up to 400ml. of disinfectant liquid. Make sure you follow the disinfectant liquid manufacturer’s instructions for safe and effective use. The disinfectant liquid will evaporate later. Refill when necessary.

The rubber of this rug grips the ground properly, so it doesn’t move out of place. Lostronaut is very practical and clean.

Lostronaut is the best mat for cleaning shoes because it works very well for the entrance of the house, and it is a great choice to clean the shoe soles when you coming in.Β 

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