Best bandsaw under 1000

Best bandsaw under 1000. Do you want to make perfect and precise cuts in metal, wood, plastic, concrete or other materials? What do you need? Something that is portable and easy to use, as well as cost-effective. Indeed, a band saw!

Anyone with a little knowledge of power tools probably knows that these things are a bit pricey, so one can be suspicious of the quality and functionality of the band saw that comes in under $1000.

But in this article, we will confirm that you can get a quality band saw for under $1000 as the price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. We’re committed to helping you find all the superior aspects of a band saw under $1,000 without breaking the bank too much.

Comparison of Best bandsaw under 1000

1. Grizzly Industrial G0803Z

This handsaw stands out from the rest of the competition. It features an adjustable blade guard and a motor of 1/3 Horse Power (HP). The speed blade of this machine is 2460 FPM, and the structure is made to last many years. The blower ensures the area is always clean while working, and adjusting to the right height is also a simple task. 

Additionally, the bandsaw has a steel frame and its kit contains the necessary accessories to be up to any jobs. It is important to note that this bandsaw has some plastic parts, but this doesn’t make it less durable. Also, other bandsaws are full steel, while this model is not. The kit includes a rip fence and a laser guide. This tool ensures you cut straight at all times. 

So, many people like Grizzly Industrial G0803Z for its construction materials and low price. Apart from that, it doesn’t require too much physical effort to do, it is easy to carry, and doesn’t take up too much room. It is easy to store. 

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Includes 3 accessories
  • Easy storage
  • Not heavy at all
  • 2460 FPM

What we dislike

  • The fence is a little janky
  • The bed tilt lacks accuracy


According to reviewers, this bandsaw cuts nicely in general, but it can be a little inaccurate. It doesn’t cut as straight as other models. 

2. Jet JWB-10

This handsaw is ideal for workshops with little or reduced space. Compared with other models, the Jet JWB-10 has the same features you would find in bigger models, It provides quick-release blade tension and has an adjustable LED light. It is also equipped with upper and lower bearing blade guides and a stand to switch from the bench to the floor. 

Since it is compact, the Jet JWB-10 can be stored anywhere. It comes with a reinforced steel base that allows working on the floor. Other than that, the motor offers several cutting applications. It doesn’t vibrate when in use because all its pieces are properly fit and welded. The cast iron table can extend and retract. The Poly-V also reduces vibration. 

What we like

  • Very stable
  • Made of aluminum and steel
  • Extendable cast iron table
  • The knobs are ergonomic 

What we dislike

  • Setup takes more than 1 hour
  • Not suited for production work


Jet JWB-10 is a modest bandsaw that stands out for its increased rigidity and reduced vibration. The unit can weigh 73 pounds without the stand. It is a hobbyist tool rather than a bandsaw for bigger tasks.