Best Air Compressors for heavy duty trucks

Best Air Compressors for heavy-duty trucks. Air compressors for trucks are used for inflating trucks. These compressors have a tank that plays a vital role in the way they work and their mode of use. Their main function is to inflate the truck’s tires as fast as possible. They are very practical for truck drivers.

This equipment usually has a hose and a gauge. The tank is also part of this equipment, which is used for quick tire inflation. Some of these compressors can be plugged directly into the battery truck in the event that there’s no plug nearby or you are on the road. Likewise, they must be lightweight and easy to carry and handle. 

While the air compressors for trucks are normally for heavy-duty truckers, some are multi-purpose. This means that some can inflate car tires as well. So, choose a versatile air compressor if you have both a car and a truck.

Next, there’s a short list of air compressors and their corresponding review. 

Reviwes of Best Air Compressors for heavy duty trucks

1. California Air Tools 15020C

The California Air Tool 15020C is a very silent compressor that delivers great power. The company states it doesn’t produce more than 70dBA, so it can be used in enclosed places. Despite this feature, the 15020C has a motor that is powerful enough to produce 1690 RPM. Power doesn’t necessarily mean more noise.

The motor the 15020C has is 2.0 HP (SP-9421), and is designed to increase duty cycle without ceasing. This way, the compressor can provide a non-stop work. It won’t get damaged either. It comes with a dual pump system to work on terrains that are tough to go through. Something remarkable is that it is an oil-free and eco-friendly compressor.

The larger part of compressors can give up to 100 hours of use, while the 15020C has a life cycle that is 30 times higher. You can use it at different speeds. The machine can start with a few amps. It has a system that allows the motor to spin freely without wasting too much energy.

What we like

  • Well-equipped
  • Comes with a kit to move it hassle-free
  • For stores and garages
  • Durable
  • Relatively quiet

What we dislike

  • The stand is badly welded
  • Can’t stand alone properly


The California Air Tool 15020C is powerful and silent. While it can work continuously, don’t get surprised if the compressor gets too hot after a few hours. Put an eye on it.


The construction and design is similar to ALL pancake-type compressors, the only thing that changes is the color of the tank, but basically it is the same. The output is very easy to adjust, as it uses a front twist knob. The compressor is even handier on letting you connect two hoses and tools at a time. You can make use, for example, of the positive placement nailer and framer.

The CmeC6150K is an economical compressor that costs less than 160 euros. The machine alone costs 99 euros, but its price soars to 150 with accessories, which is still affordable. The handle is ergonomic and reduces physical effort. It is a 6-gallon compressor that cycles at a rate of 90 PSI. It offers decent performance, however, you can’t activate two roofing nailers on this. 10 Amps.

What we like

  • Fast charging time
  • Oil-free
  • You can regulate the water flow
  • Compact
  • Can work on different types of surfaces, be it smooth or hard

What we dislike

  • A little noisy


CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K is an oil-free compressor that performs efficiently but it is not multi-tasking at all. It is noisy compared to the model above (82dBA).


It’s pretty good (noisy like most compressors), the nail guns are excellent, with proper maintenance no problems, in fact neither of them will jammed their nails. The hose is very strong and of superior quality. The downside may be in the tank that needs to be refilled more often than other compressors. The kit comes with a stapler, which is something missing in most compressor kits.

BOSTITCH BTFP2KIT stands out for its light weight, which is praised by most users (41.3 pounds). The noise level never exceeds 78dBA and the hose is 25 feet long. Although it has important accessories, many of its attachments for cars can be useless. Some put this model above the 18-gauge Brad nailer.

In brief, BTFP2KIT is a 2-kit compressor with amazing air guns and high-capacity tanks.

What we like

  • Not heavy
  • Easy gun adjustment
  • Value for money
  • Portable
  • For playhouse projects

What we dislike

  • Still noisy, but this is normal in compressors


BOSTITCH BTFP2KIT is a fully outfitted air compressor that produces a great deal of pressure. The kit includes 2 hoses and guns.

4. Viair 88P

Viair 88P is a durable air compressor that comes with a 1.47 cubic feet storage tank. This air compressor is ideal for inflating tires on the roadside very quickly. The length of the hose (16 feet) adds practicability to the Viair 88P. It is also powerful thanks to its power supply of 12V. 

Since it has durable battery clamps, you can connect this tool to the truck without an issue. More specifically to the truck battery. 

The machine also comprises a pressure gauge and a tank to make it easier to use. 


The ARB CKMTA12 is a tool intended for heavy-duty trucks only. You can’t use it for vehicles that are smaller than a truck or trailer. This air compressor is high-performance and high-efficient. This compressor offers an air pressure of 150PSI and an AUTO-STOP function, which stops it as soon as it has reached the required pressure. 

Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to store and handle. It doesn’t have a single motor but a twin motor that improves its capacity to circulate the airflow. While it is lightweight, you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of its materials. 

Not only is it lightweight, but it is also a quiet air compressor. The noise level produced by this tool is very low. The negative side of the ARB CKMTA12 is that it is somewhat expensive. 

6. GSPSCN Silver  

GSPSCN Silver is a budget air compressor designed for high-performance vehicles. It will not work efficiently with small vehicles. Because of its low cost, this model has been sold like hot cakes on selling sites. 

What sets this compressor from others is the compatibility with vehicles that are not necessarily trucks. The equipment is also outfitted with a safety function that deactivates it in the case that it has reached the pressure limit. 

It measures pressure in PSI, BAR, and KPA and displays the values on the LCD screen. 

What is the best air compressor for home garage?

California Air Tools 15020C is a powerful compressor for garage use as it only creates 70dBA of noise, which means it is perfect for places where noise can be disturbing. Apart from that, it is truly versatile and suitable for multiple uses in the home. It is a 15-gallon steel tank compressor designed to last and work continuously.

The pump that this compressor uses is actually fairly low maintenance. The California Air Tools 15020C has wheels to move around when needed. It measures 28 x 17 x 31 inches, so it is not big and can be stored seamlessly almost anywhere in the house.

The powerful 2. 0 HP (rated/ running) motor is not disappointing but miraculous. It is powerful and easily the quietest on this list. Besides its versatility, it is cost-effective as it can even operate in cold weather and without too much energy.

What we like

  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Compact design

What we dislike

  • It can get overheated at times


The California Air Tool 15020C is quiet and built to provide portability and comfort of use inside home. The wheels, power, and its 70dBA speak for themselves.

What is the best air compressor for painting?

As its name suggests, CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K is made for painting and tasks alike. The kit features 13 accessories that can be suited for all kinds of jobs besides painting. The 6-gallon tank should be enough and the 150 Max PSI (150 bars) of pressure is intended to carry out different activities at different levels. Plus, it requires no maintenance.

The Craftsman CMe6150K also works very quietly creating 71dBA of noise level. According to the descriptions of the product, this compressor is a light weight model (38 pounds) and portable. Users also highlight its ease of use. Not only is it great for painting, but also an effective tool for inflating tires and occasional use. The lengthy nose is made of a durable and hard to break material and allows you to move more freely.

What we like

  • Not heavy
  • Versatile
  • Doesn’t take too much time to fill the tank

What we dislike

  • The valve leaks in some cases


CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K undoubtedly does the trick but its valve has gotten a bad rap for leaking.

What is the best air compressor for continuous use?

California Air Tools 15020C is a durable and long-lasting compressor that offers up to 3000 hours of use without suffering damage or wear. You can even play with its speeds and the tank will be refilled in time. The motor is also power producing 1690 revolutions per minute. However, California Air Tools 15020C is not noisy. The noise level is never above 70dBA.

It has a pressure switch to switch intensity levels. The compressor allows you to use very few amperes and then use more very quickly if you require to. This way, you will be able to operate the compressor for longer without worrying about time and wear. The life cycle of this machine is 3 times longer than that of air compressors. Plus, you need no oil and the maintenance is low cost, or may not require any cost, according to some reviewers.

California 15020C is designed to boost duty cycle, regardless of the terrain it works on.

What we like

  • Boosts duty cycle umpteen times
  • Can work on unleveled terrains
  • The noise level is minimum

What we dislike

  • Can’t stand alone


California Air Tools 15020C is a compressor constructed to operate for longer without experiencing wear. It can also tackle variations in temperature.

What is the best cordless air compressor for the money?

BOSTITCH BTFP2KIT is the type of compressor you need for not so severe, harsh tasks. It doesn’t require maintenance and has excellent nail guns that never get jammed. The hose is long enough (15.2m) and made of top-notch material, which ensures the air flow is ejected more efficiently. It is a tool-kit machine with a 6-gallon tank.

BTFP2KIT is great for convenient use. It includes a PCV hose with fittings (PCV is flexible and durable). As for the noise, this compressor is relatively noisy (78.2dBA), but all compressors are like that. This model can be used in multiple applications; it is very versatile. Plus, it stands out for its portability and the way it reduces the risk of oil stains on surfaces. It has the disadvantage of not having any accessory.

What we like

  • Nice tank capacity for the money
  • The nails are sunk by the gun without getting jammed
  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact
  • Shoots 3 ΒΌ nails very easily

What we dislike

  • Bare tool


BOSTITCH BTFP2KIT is good value for money for its durability. Comes with a Brad nailer.

What is the best portable air compressor for car tires? 

The California Air Tool 15020C is the most ideal compressor for inflating tires because of its weight, power (max. 130 PSI), and portability. The compressor is quiet enough to be used in the garage or patio at the moment of inflating the car tires without disturbing neighbors. The air machine can tackle more arduous and requires very little maintenance, indeed.

California Air Tool 15020C has wheels that allow moving it around a vehicle to inflate each tire without an issue. On top of that, it is a device designed to last a long time despite its system to boost its duty cycle. It incorporates a sophisticated pump system and start value feature that reduces the consumption of energy when starting up the compressor. It uses 110V of alternate current.

What we like

  • Suitable for use in winter or summer. It will be OK
  • No-load condition
  • For tires of a bigger size
  • Easy storage. Leave it in the garage

What we dislike

  • Not the most affordable model (costs nearly 500 euros)


What makes the California Air Tool the best for car tires is its powerful and capacity to adjust to distinct demanding levels. It takes only minutes to refill the tank.