Best 4k TV to use as a monitor

Judging by the appearance and functions, there are not many differences between a TV and a PC monitor. They differ in design, connectivity and image processing capabilities. TVs are usually outfitted with TV tuners and built-in speakers, while PC monitors can lack both components. Some PC monitors, however, have incorporated speakers for the gaming experience.

As regards TV sets, they have no DisplayPort, which connects monitors to other devices. If you search on the internet for the TV with the best Display Port, you will not find it. 

To replace a monitor for a PC, there are things to consider. Despite not all TVs present chroma 4:4:4, they can still deal with broken frames. Also, OLed Tvs are not appropriate monitors, as they burn in too much. The best TVs to replace monitors are the Led TVs because they are more durable and display media contents better.   

Most TVs offer a PC Mode option, which removes the extra image processing and ensures the lowest possible input lag. Get a LED TV, although OLED models perform well displaying varied content. The problem is their life of use. 

What is the best 4k TV to use as a monitor?

Because of its size and powerful contrast Control Zones, the 4K TCL 75R617 TV is the TV with the best performance as a monitor. This device uses Contrast Control Zones to prevent the imagery from looking unbalanced and in order to boost brightness in dark environments. It is likewise cordless, flat, and ready to be placed in rooms that are not large. If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, this screen is your choice. 

The full array is what makes this Led panel stand out. It adjusts the response rate to 60Hz when graphics are too demanding to avoid ghosting or blurry images. Say good-bye to the soap opera effect that only occurs in vintage sets. 

The size of this unit widens the viewing angle and also includes Dolby vision and HDR movies support. Things like the fire look redder and the eyes of characters look glossy. 

Below a review of the best 4K TVs to use as monitors and tips for use. 

Comparison of the Best 4K TVs to use as monitors

1. Samsung QN65 TV

The Samsung QN65Q80AAFXA is a 2021 model of 65 inches, belonging to the Samsung QLeD Q80A series. It is a 4K gadget with Quantum FDR that eliminates quantum dots that blur the image. The TV has incorporated Alexa for remote voice control. 

If you were seeking a TV that could deliver well-defined graphics in fast-paced motions or a device that did not slow up when streaming, the Samsung QN65Q80AAFXA can help with this. It comes with Bluetooth, HDMI, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. The screen has a Led array that guarantees clear images and picture quality betterment

  • A TV that supplies deeper blacks and purer whites.
  • With this TV, the sound and movements flow harmonically.
  • Quantum processor.
  • Technology to reduce quantum dots and deliver more life-like images.
  • It is on a par with most cinema screens in terms of graphics.
  • The speakers are outdated.


The Samsung QN65Q80AAFXA is a TV that provides quality pictures and seems to be made for the next gen gaming. Use it for XBOX and to transform your room into a home theater.

2. TCL 75R617 TV

The 75R617 is a 75-inch ultra HD Roku TV that fits racing and action games. This is a 4K model released in 2019 that supports Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, and YouTube. It is cordless and wireless, which is something that overshadows old models. Although it is battery powered, it can be adapted to function as a wired TV unit.

The 75R617 incorporates many features of the TCL 2018 model, but Roku is the best selling point. This TV measures 66.1″ W x 38″ H x 3.5″ D.

  • Powerful Contrast Control Zones, which deliver blacker blacks and deeper whites.
  • A combination of 60 and 120 Hz.
  • No soap opera effect effects.
  • Compatible with HDMI ARC.
  • It can work with several voice assistants.
  • Dolby Vision HDR.
  • This TV does not have Bluetooth.
  • Some present the vertical banding issue because of processor glitches.


The 75R617 is a panel that combines 120 and Hz frame rates to provide crystal-clear motion. It is a TV that eliminates or reduces the soap operas effect. The refresh rate is the most eye-catching feature in this TV unit and also the fact it is compatible with HDMI ARC. 

3.Samsung UN6 TV

The Samsung UN65TU800000FXZA is a TV that pertains to the TU-8000 series, which delivers 4k and acts as an HDR Smart TV. It is compatible with Amazon Echo and has built-in speakers. This device was released in 2020. 

The Samsung UN65TU800000FXZA supports Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and Browser. It also does great when connected to XBOX and PS consoles. Unlike the previous unit, it lacks Bluetooth. 

  • Bixby is among the voice assistants it supports.
  • Crystal processor 4K.
  • It is tailored to the next gen gaming, so feel free to run the latest games.
  • User-friendly smart unit.
  • The gadget comes with new enhancements.
  • It can get too reflective during daytime.
  • The control includes useless buttons.


The Samsung UN65TU800000FXZA is equipped for night watching. It is easy to set up and presents new features. The base is not stable as claimed. 

4.Toshiba 43LF711U20 TV

It is a smaller panel that measures 43” and shows 4K UHD with Dolby vision, improving the color, frame, and sharpness of games. The Toshiba 43LF711U20 displays a great contrast frame and is part of the Fire TV edition of Toshiba. This is a Led-type TV with HDMI NFC connectivity technology, which can be controlled through Alexa. It is perfect for gaming but also for watching Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and other apps. It is the best for live-streaming. 

  • Voice operated with Alexa.
  • It provides deep contrast and vivid colors like in real life.
  • Not only does it perform in movies but also in gaming.
  • This model takes up little space.
  • Plug-and-Play.
  • Perfect for searching for new TV shows.
  • May not work with other voice assistants besides Alexa.
  • The remote control is flimsy and easy to break.


The Toshiba 43LF711U20 is a smart device with smaller dimensions, which uses enhanced HDR technology. It does not experience screen tearing in fast-paced games. 

5.Samsung UN43 TV

The Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA is a 43-inch Ultra HD TV with 4K graphics that belongs to the UHD 7 series. The gadget uses HRD that minimizes image stuttering and improves image blur in games. Remotely operated with Alexa. 

Like other visual devices short-listed here, the Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA supports Netflix, Hulu, and Browser, and Amazon Instant Video. It runs on batteries. 

  • Bluetooth.
  • 4K UHD processor.
  • It offers new colors that resemble real life.
  • The panel is not only compatible with Alexa but also with other assistants that are not mentioned here.
  • Excellent for streaming and playing the latest titles without fuzzy pictures.
  • Sleek and minimalistic design.
  • Only has three image option settings.
  • The image quality configuration can take time.


The Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA is probably the most conventional. Despite this, it doubles as a monitor for gaming and watching streaming. It can be controlled via Google Assistant but works well with Amazon as well.   

How to use a 4k TV as a monitor?

For starters, make sure the TV has an HDMI input instead of a computer display that is present in monitors. To use a 4K TV, you need a graphic card to process the images. The best GPUs must contain a 2.0 HDMI port or higher. 2.0 is the minimum input required for a TV that delivers 4K. 

A 2.0 graphic card and a 4K TV set will deliver 4K at 60 Hz and 24-bit color. It is important the GPU is at a higher range to match the 4K TV, otherwise, it won’t work. 

Ensure you plug in the right ports and edit the TV’s input settings. Set the resolution to 3840 x 2160, which is 4K. 

To use a 4k TV what do you need?

You need several components to watch 4K content on a 4K TV. 

If you use it as a monitor, make sure the computer includes a GPU with enough range to support 4K graphics. Look for a 4K compatible cable to plug into the 2.0 HDMI port. It must be 2.0 or 2.0a. 

For console gaming, find a PS4, XBOX or PS5, which are the leaders for streaming in 4K. Do not expect to get a 3840 x 2160 resolution just because of the 4K TV. 

Get a 4K subscription on Netflix for watching 4K films, although Roku also offers this service. If you are not a subscriber, the movies will be displayed smoothly, but not exactly in 4K. The highest resolution will be 1080P. 

Lastly, get a fast internet. A slow internet connection ruins the experience. It leads the screen to tearing or causes stuttering in rapid-paced streaming on a 4K TV set.  

In case of having a Blue Ray, it must support 4K, but not all do. 

How to use Playstation Vue with Apple TV 4k?

PlayStation Vue is an application created by Sony for video streaming. You must live in the United States or use a VPN to purchase the PlayStation Vue package. It is compatible with Apple TV and you need to be a PlayStation Vue subscriber. 

Enter the Play Store and look for PlayStation Vue. Click on Download, and once installed, execute the app and open the menu. 

After that, pair the Apple TV with the app. Create a PlayStation Vue account to receive the code on the screen of the Apple TV. Tap β€œActivate your Device” to link the TV. Select the option Apple Device on the PlayStation Vue user account. 

Use your phone or PC to enter this link . Log into the PlayStation site and submit the code.  

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